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Affordable Wedding Photography in Melbourne by Pro Photographers

Weddings are important milestones in every person’s life. This momentous occasion brings joy, togetherness and raw emotions from everyone present. And even though this celebratory event full of dancing, singing, drinking all in the honour of the newly wedded couple will eventually end, its memories will linger.

Contact Lavides Global for Wedding Photography in Melbourne

Lavides Global, your cheap and reliable wedding photography company in Melbourne helps you lens-lock those precious moments and turn it into a lasting memento. Our high-class professional photographers always believe in producing impeccable wedding shots for newly wedded couples and their family members right through the city. Our photographers also provide services in Dandenong, St. Kilda and other suburbs in Melbourne.

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There’s always a sweet story behind every couple. ‘How they came together? How the proposal went about? Where the first date took place?’ We meet up with the couples and always love to listen to their tale of love and devotion towards each other.Keeping your genuine happiness in-mind; we always try and capture shots which best depicts your story.

While we photograph your wedding moments (be it still or candid); we always stick to a documentary style method to capture honest, genuine and vibrant moments as they take place.

Our diligent and skilled photographer(s) in Dandenong will never intrude any ceremonial ritual and nor will they say stuff like “Act Happy”, “Watch the Birdie” or “Act Surprised.”

Instead, they will offer high-res files and full day coverage without any hidden catches for your peace of mind.

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We Also Do Important Family Shoots & Receptions!

Our photographer(s) in St. Kilda will also be happy to take pictures of you two along with your important family members. Unlike other service providers; we will never make you pose in a paddock meaninglessly for hours.Plus, there will not be a single awkward picture. Rather, every shot we take will be to honour you, firstly as Man-&-Wife, and secondly for the unification of two families. We strongly believe that it’s very important for both newly wedded couples to spend as much time as they can with all their loved ones.

As for your reception night; we know the importance of the occasion and that it is the greatest party you will ever throw in your life. From genuine emotions, wild celebrations, ecstatic performance, exotic drinks and everything else that transpires in between; we vouchsafe that no story will be left untold.

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We Will Preserve The Magic & Romance Of Your Wedding Legacy!

Nothing excites us more than to tell your story in the most remarkable way ever. So, call us at 0417 339 273 and tell us about your wedding. And we will provide you with our detailed affordable wedding photography in Melbourne pricing brochure ASAP!

…Because Some Memories Deserve To Last A Lifetime!