Birthday Party Photo Booth
6 Ways to Easily Personalise The Birthday Party Photo Booth

Whether you wish to hire an open or enclosed photo booth for a birthday party in Melbourne, you can easily personalise it in a few simple steps. For that, you will need to have a few things at your disposal. If you are interested in knowing what they are and the steps required to decorate the photo booth, you will need to go through the points mentioned here. 

Attaching a Personalised Backdrop 

After you have hired a birthday party photo booth in Melbourne, you can enhance its appearance by attaching a custom backdrop. You can make it if you have an idea about the background size. If you don’t, you can reach out to the providers and ask them about the size so that you can develop the backdrop of your choice and attach it to obtain attractive photos.

Including Custom Props

If you include unique DIY props, you and your guests can obtain attractive photos. Though props do not directly impact the appearance of the booths, they can help achieve better photos. In fact, the inclusion of props can help your guests try out new poses while they are enjoying your birthday.

Including Makeup Accessories

If there is space inside the party photo booth for hire in Melbourne, you can include some makeup accessories for the benefit of your guests. They will not need to carry their own makeup kit. If they want, they can use the kit inside to make themselves more attractive and click stylish photos. 

Setting up Lights 

You can make your birthday photo booth more attractive by installing new lights or directing the providers so they can attach lights that are a bit different from the traditional ones. These lights will help create a tint in the photos that will be liked by your guests. But since the installation of these lights is time-taking, you will need to inform the providers beforehand.

Including Multiple Printers

You can make your birthday party photo booth for hire in Melbourne by including multiple printers. This way, your guests can instantly get the photos printed. Moreover, including more printers in your photo booth can help you solve issues related to getting the prints. However, since every booth has a capacity of its own, you will need to discuss your requirements with the providers.


The next thing that you can include in your Melbourne birthday photo booth is some music. Indeed, with the audio on, your guests will like clicking photos. It will give them a whole new photo booth experience which you can hardly find anywhere else. All you need to do is add some speakers and turn on the music to make things even more entertaining!

So, these are the six steps that you can follow if you want to make your birthday photo booth more appealing.

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