Wedding Photo Booth
End-To-End Wedding Photo Booth Arrangements in Melbourne from “Lavides Global”

What’s a wedding without selfies or groupies or more specifically guests posing like a bunch of loons with the bride and groom-to-be!

Because let’s face it, everyone just wants to have fun. To help you accomplish every fun activity, you had hoped for, “Lavides Global”- offers you end-to-end wedding photo booth arrangement packages at reasonable rates.

As options; you can choose either our Mirror Photo booth hire or Open Photo booth hire based on your popular friend’s demand. 

Mirror Photo Booth (SPECIAL) Features You Can Be Proud Of:-

Mirror Photo Booth Hire

You get the option of adding awesome animation and virtual props to each of your wedding snaps. You also get the option of printing your pictures (as many times as you wish). And if you feel the previous snap was not perfect; you can retake the shot till each of your wedding attendees are happy and satisfied.

All your friends, colleagues and known attendees can use loony props, big-sized sunglasses and colourful wigs to pose with you and your bride in the middle with a sweet animation message- does sound FUN!

Furthermore, everyone can collectively sing or share a thought or blessing in honour of the bride and groom using the video recording feature too.

Our state of the art photo booth arrangement comprising of full-sized mirrors (with touch-screen interface) to personalise your wedding clicks. You can expect each shot to be crisp and clear as they are shot with a quality DSLR cam.

You also get the scope of playing with different fun emoticons and digital stickers which you can attach to those memorable wedding snaps. Surely, if the aim is to add a little extra to the fun-quotient; our Mirror Photo booth won’t disappoint. 

The Perfect Activities To Remember The BIG DAY! 

For Only The Bride & Groom:- For you and your lady love; this is the perfect opportunity to showcase how much love there is between the two of you. With the option of GIF and premium built-in animations, both of you can indulge and create sweet tailor-made memories.

Wedding Photo Booth

Popular activities include:-

  • Lifting the bride (with the groom giving a clever wink)
  • Crowning your Queen pose.
  • Or even video recording those sweet words of love, life and togetherness as your personal #Insta Story! 

With Parents And Family:-

  • Taking a group picture of everyone posing crazily and appearing downright funny.
  • Creating memories with everyone using fully-customised digital stickers.
  • And using lively animations to create an exciting keepsake of everyone happy together.

Friends, Colleagues And Close Acquaintances:-

  • All your friends, colleagues and known attendees using loony props, big-sized sunglasses and colourful wigs to pose while keeping you and your bride in the middle with a sweet animation message.
  • Everyone collectively singing or sharing a thought or blessing in honour of the bride and groom using the video recording feature. 

Photo Booth Hire

Final Words…

Weddings are considered to be the holy unification- not just between two people but between two separate families. So, off-course you want to make it the grandest of celebrations to date.

You can make it the ‘talk-of-the-town’ by hiring our wedding photo booth package in Melbourne at budgeted rates. 

With time of the essence; don’t dally any more. Get in touch @ 0417399273 and tell us all about your cheap photo booth hire in Melbourne requirement.

We will be happy to accommodate your request within your set timeline.


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