Mirror Photo Booth Hire Melbourne
Features of a Mirror Photo Booth That Makes It So Popular

Nowadays, a wedding photo booth is a must-have at any wedding these days. They not only give your guests endless hours of entertainment, but they also help you snap stunning photos of the most beautiful moments of your life and freeze the moments forever. Thanks to the advent of technology, people are more and more vouching for mirror photo booths, one of the two newest avatars of the photo booth family (the other being 360 degree video booths). 

This high tech version of photo booths rented out by reputable  party equipment rental service providers picture booths come up with a number of awe-inspiring features that will make your jaw drop. On this page, let us discuss the high-quality features of these premium high tech wedding photo booths. 

Mirror Photo Booth Hire Melbourne

Top quality high tech camera to snap the best images 

Taking pictures of guests at the peak of their mood, fun and frolics is the main motto of fabricating a plan to hire a Mirror Photo Booth in Melbourne.  You must also be looking forward to snapping the moments of your togetherness with your loved one, and the moments of your wedding ceremony. 

These photo booths come with the latest DSLR cameras from the best brands in the market. This ensures that snapping of high-resolution, professional-quality images, GIFs, as well video clips. The enchanting mirror photo booth is unmatched in its ability to enhance the images further with severing fun elements like filters, resulting in breathtaking outcomes.

The Preview and Retake Features

For those who frequently snap selfies, this feature is crucial! Nobody wants to be in an uncouth or below par photo or the one that doesn’t look perfect! This is not an issue with the enchanted mirror photo booth! With a few keyboard instructions, the attendant can retake the image and restart the workflow!  You can keep repeating the process till you are able to nail the perfect snap that satisfies you to the fullest! 

Mirror Photo Booth Hire Melbourne

The Signature en Emoji Features

People of all ages like using the touchscreen of the enchanted mirror photo booth to express their creativity, which makes this feature one of the favourites of your guests. For guest writing or doodling, the “signature feature” of the mirror photo booth provides numerous vibrant bright colours! The final picture will also include the final creation, which may be downloaded and printed in a jiffy. 

Instant delivery of images and printed photos

The enchanted mirror photo booth’s ability to develop and print your photos in less than eight seconds is a plus! If you love the old-fashioned photo booth strips, you can print photographs in 2×6 or 4×6, or even 6×4 sizes on the mirror booth printer! Before they even have a chance to set down their props, your guests receive quick access to all digital images via text or email! 

The Fun Filters 

You can wow your guests with a  variety of entertaining filters, like the beautiful black & white, sepia, pencil, and beauty filter, when you hire a mirror wedding photo booth in Melbourne! You will really cherish the moment when your guests—especially seniors—will tell you how much they adore their pictures and how much they liked the moments they spent at your wedding! 

So what makes you ponder, if you are planning to get wed anytime soon? Just call Lavides Global and we will rent out the latest mirror photo booth that will take the moments of your wedding to an altogether new height.