Farewell Party Photo Booth
Know How to Add Fun with Photo Booth in a Farewell Party

Bidding goodbye to your college days? There would be no doubt a phase when you would miss the people close to you and the ambience. So, why not team up and talk to the college management to arrange a way to treasure your phase for the lifetime?

Well, we suggest you to hire a photo booth to create long-lasting memories. And, in this content, we will guide you to get creative with your party photo booth and turn it into something worthy-

A Banner Describing the Span:

Want to look back down the memory lane? Based on how you have spent years, create a banner accordingly. You can pick out a year in time and highlight if there is something special you come across in that period. Each banner will have a different timestamp and different memory.


In the modern age, a hashtag is something that connecting people who are sharing the same moments together. While taking groufies, you can pose with your friends, and according to the mood, dress or chemistry between your friends, you can create hashtags to connect your friends and beloved teachers while creating a buzz.

Blank Canvas:

Before you wink your brows with confusion, think about this idea. You can make use of blank canvas or backdrop, where you can ask our open photo booths installers in Melbourne to put some effective sequin or creative artwork matching the grad party.

Nickname Banner:

Whether you have a nickname in your college days or you remember other’s, make it way to have some fun. Arrange a banner with these nicknames to spring the laughter or tears of joy that can tell the stories behind the nicknames. While posing in a photo booth, you can laugh about how you all have achieved those names. It will make the entire session interactive than being the forced or boring one.

Time Travel Collection:

Hearing this, you may call it as impractical one, but when it comes to life, you will get to think it differently. Why not gather some photo of yourself that portray some good moments with others, and put all of them up all around the photo booth. No matter how old the memories are, the essence matters. You can even hang the photos you took with your college buddies upon hiring a birthday photo booth in Melbourne. It will be a memory within memory if you find it appealing.

Lastly, a farewell is a bittersweet moment that will not last forever and capturing those moments just like other special days let you have a unique party photo booth experience that will be something to cherish for long.

At Lavides Global, you will find an open photo booth ideal for your college farewell party and can fit a small or large space. Pictures can be shared across email, Facebook and Instagram. We offer unlimited printing to handover the keepsakes to your guests. Call 0417 399 273 to book our services now!

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