Mirror Photo Booth
Mirror Photo Booth – Treat your Guests with the Best

Who does not want to get some words of appreciation from their guests after they go back home attending your event? And, the best way to know how much they have really enjoyed at your party is checking out their Instagram profiles. If they had real fun, they would eventually share it in their social media profiles.

Undoubtedly, hiring party special photo booth is the best way to let your guests have some real fun. And, if you wish to treat them the best, go for the mirror photo booth – the cutting edge, modern and newest version of photo booth giving people some really enjoyable time with their friends.

At Lavides Global, you will find the best quality selfie mirror photo booth leaving you with some fantastic advantages. We have given you some of them in the following.

  • Better Picture Quality

If you have been told that the picture quality of the mirror photo booth will become weaker in comparison to open air photo booths or enclosed photo booth, they are misguiding you. The booths feature DSLR cameras. As an added advantage, people can stand a bit far from the camera. Perfect for group photos, mirror booths are just fab.

  • Added Fun

Mirror Photo Booth

People using the mirror booth to click their selfies have some real fun in the booth. With some fantastic features like emoticons, cartoon strips, signing features and a lot more, your guests will not put a full stop in clicking uncountable pictures. It will take the photo booth experience to a whole new level for your guests.

  • Accessible for Everyone

The best part of opting for a mirror photo booth in Melbourne is you can invite people of every age to the booth. Height adjustment is too easy for this. Even guests coming in wheelchairs can also enjoy the chance of getting clicked in mirror photo booths. The mirror booth is not an enclosed one which lets a lot of people get clicked together.

  • Social Media Ready Pictures

In the present time, there is no room for delay when it comes to sharing pictures. Don’t you want your event to be the talk of the town? In that case, you should undoubtedly take advantage of the facility of instant social media sharing attached with the booth. So, the fresh digital copies are ready for you right there ready to be shared or uploaded in social media.

  • Custom Graphic Options

Photo Booth

In recent times, it is not even an issue for anyone with a smartphone to click photos of themselves anywhere they want. But, here, with mirror photo booths, things are even better. Your guests will have the privilege of clicking their actual physical images and customise their graphics as per their preference. There will be a graphic designer ready at your service as you opt for our party photo booth hire in Melbourne to assist you in making the digital photos even better.


Members of Lavides Global team will present there to assist you from setting up the booth to handing over the clicked images in a pen drive and sharing it to the guests who have used the mirror photo booth so that they can get the prints from those soft copies and use those whenever they feel like. Book our mirror photo booth hire services and let the magic happen!


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