Some Innovative Ways Mirror Photo Booths Can Add Value and Fun to Your Event

Mirror photo booths, which are often christened as the next-gen photo booths come with a package of fun. They are indeed, fun-complementary gadgets for various occasions like corporate events and weddings, birthday parties, and other varieties of social gatherings.

But why?

Simply because these mirror photo booths come up with some value additions that escalate the fun factor of your event by manifold. How do they do so? Here is a sneak peek into the issue.

They Engage as Well as Entertain the Attendees

The photobooths come up with high tech glasses with embedded animations and provisions of photo signing, stamping, video recording features, GIF, an umpteen number of games, videos, image filters, provisions of instant social media sharing, provisions to insert brand logos, and much more! With all these value additions, these mirror photo booths go a long way to redefining the fun quotient of your invitees at your event.

mirror photobooth

They Help to Increase Your Online Brand Awareness

If you have thought that these high tech booths add value to informal events like birthdays and weddings, it’s time to take a fresh guard. On more formal events like a product launch or brand promotions, these gadgets play a pivotal role in increasing the online brand awareness and promote newly launched products online and with effectiveness. Besides, these photobooths also come up with features that enable the guests to upload their personal views and notifications about the event.

They Help to Collate the Database of All Your Invitees Creatively

If you have plans to collate the database of all the attendees in the event in a creative way, these mirror photo booths available for hire in Melbourne can help you greatly. You can use them to analyse the demography of your attendees and know how to prepare much better for the next event. They give you a collated database containing the email addresses, phone numbers, names, ages, locations, and other variables that you can use as reference in the future. This information also helps you to build an authentic database needed for effective email marketing.

They Help to Give a Fillip to Branding

Again, if you have hired these booths for brand promotion, you can brand the interior and exterior of these booths to make them match the theme of the event. You can make arrangements to ensure that every image clicked carries the name of the event, and the theme, along with a dedicated hashtag, along with the social media handles.

Besides, you can also use these photo booths to keep your guests discussing the event even long after the event is over, thanks to the online images of the event that can be kept circulating. With this, you can initiate an indirect word-of-mouth promotion and word-of-mouth advertisements.

However, you can make all these happen only and only when you hire the latest, state of the art mirror photo booth, which comes with a hoard value addition. There is simply no reason why you should opt for any other name when you have Lavides Global. With a formidable experience, we offer some of the best and most advanced photo booths for hire in Melbourne and its suburbs. For further details and to book a booth, call us at 0417399273.