Birthday Photo Booth
Top Birthday Party Open Air Photo Booth Photoshoot Poses

Hired a photo booth for your wife’s 1st first birthday after your wedding to give her a pleasant surprise. Well, that’s a noble idea nevertheless. But you will find a few of your guests, making a real mess while posing at the photo simply because they do not know the right ways. So here we are at Lavides Global, providing some suggestions regarding some real ripper poses that will help your guests at the photo session.

Rat Rack 

This is a wonderful photo session pose, more so when it comes to snapping group photos. When you are with your friends that’s the perfect time for you to strike the right mood. And when you are in a herd, there has to be a variation in the mood. Not everyone will be in an identical mood. A Few will be timid, while some will ‘up’ their ante, with all their arrogance. Some will be smiling, while some of them will be flirtatious as well. So that will be a perfect rat rack, with a flurry of emotions all connected by the string of the aspiration of being snapped in the birthday party photo booth that you have hired in Melbourne. And that makes all the difference.

All Business Pose 

This is another ripper of a pose that will come in handy in for birthday party. It is all about preventing to be in a serious business with all the formal attire and those mustaches on sticks and those giant glass frames. Surely, they create a cartoonish version of a workplace with the go as you like it pose of the subjects mimicking the workplace environment on a lighter and jovial note. Surely, it is one of the most ecstatic of all the poses that people would like to opt for photoshoots in those open-air photo booths at birthday parties.

The Jaw Drop Pose 

This another hilarious pose that would leave the onlooker guessing the reasons behind such a jaw-dropping pose. They will ask the big question – where they were scared or were simply jovial. Or was it a surprise or something else. Surely, it will be an eyebrow-raiser that you will simply relish later on as the host.

Besties or Couple Shot 

This is understandable from the title that the pose is all about a couple. Surely the love birds will be cuddling in front of the lens in a cozy exchanging hugs and kisses, underlining the bondage between. Surely, it’s a wonderful option when you hire a cheap Photo Booth in Melbourne for your better half’s birthday. Take no time to join the league of the couples taking this pose. Your wife will simply love it.

Shakes Face 

This is a wonderful option when you hire a high-quality open-air photo booth. With the timer ticking and counting the time down, you are still undecided about the pose,  and you are already panic-stricken. Just imagine your facial expression. That’s a genuine facial expression that is not manufactured. The pose thus picked up by the lens is pure gold. People will be laughing their hearts out.

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