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Why An Open Photo Booth Can Better Entertain Your Guests?

An open-air photo booth is now highly favoured by event managers as well as guests in Melbourne since they can make the photo sessions in an event even more interesting. But if you are wondering why they are so popular, this is the discussion that you need to follow. 

Here, we will discuss why open photo booths can better entertain your guests and mainly their advantages.

Open Photo Booth

  • Spacious

Compared to the enclosed booths, the open photo booths in Melbourne have more space. This allows the guests to gather at the photo booth and get group photos clicked easily. On the other hand, in an enclosed space, you can expect a solo photo or at max a photo for two people. So, as you can easily understand the former is a better choice for the guests.

  • Setting Up the Open Photo Booth is Less Time Consuming

This is another reason why it is highly popular with event managers. 

Since they do not take much time to be set up, the guests can start their photo sessions after arriving at the event. 

On the other hand, enclosed photo booths take more time to be set up and guests might need to wait for the photo session after arriving at the event.

  • Highly Customizable

Your guests will always love a beautifully decorated photo booth. And if you are setting up an open photo booth, you can rest assured that it will entertain the guests because it can be easily customised. For example, you can adorn it with lights and other elements to match the theme of the event. So, it is best to invest in a company offering open photo booths for hire in Melbourne.

  • Inclusion of Different Technologies Possible

Since space is limited in enclosed photo booths, including several technologies inside can be difficult. On the other hand, you can include different technologies in open booths. Therefore, the latter can better entertain your guests because they will want the modern technologies to be there. 

Some examples of modern technologies include mirror selfie systems, editable backgrounds, adding texts and effects to photos, etc.

  • Space to Accommodate More Props

Due to space in the Melbourne open air photo booth, your guests can bring their own props which will add fun to the photo session. This is in fact another reason why they are recommended by event managers as well. But if you are including an enclosed photo booth, due to space limitation, your guests will only have to use the props that are included there. This can be a turn off for your guests.

  • Guests Do Not Have To Wait For A Photo Session

Since there is space, your guests will not have to wait for a session in the open-air photo booth. But if there is an enclosed booth, expect a long queue which can make your guests bored. Therefore, as you can naturally guess, the open photo booth will be loved by your guests.

Considering all of the points, it can be said that the open photo booth is a better choice for guests any day.

Exclusive Open Photo Booths at the Best Price

Lavides Global offers cost-effective open-air photo booths that will be loved by your guests. So, to book one for an event, call us or send us an email if you have questions.