Open Photobooth Melbourne
Why is an Open Photobooth a Must for A Modern Event or Party?

Styles and trends change with time and there is no exception to this rule. Change is the only constant. So the ways and styles in which events are organised and parties are hosted has also seen a sea change over the years. The ways these events and parties are organised and hosted today differ a lot in terms of styles, manners, fun and frolics from the hosted years before. Thus, against the current scenario, the companies offering party equipment rental service will hire out innovatively styled open photo booths that will take the fun and frolics of the modern parties and events to another level. On this page, let us discuss the way a photobooth contributes to modern events. 

open photo booth hire in Melbourne

These open photo air photo booths can be customised at will

Every open photobooth in Melbourne can be customised at will. This means, the invitees  at the parties and events may alter their photos with a range of filters and unique effects provided by the technology of the modern outdoor photo booths. With a single click, the photos may easily be saved and shared on social media.

Like its retro counterpart, these innovative photo booths also contain a printer so you can give visitors an instant memento. This technology is a fantastic option for product launches and other noteworthy events where you want to ensure that guests are having a good time and promoting your business. Check out the best accessories to use with your rented photo booth for even more fun. 

They offer flexible choices for photos

This is another notable privilege that these open air photo booths offer. An open air photo booth allows for more people to fit on the backdrop for casual group photos than a small cubicle that limits the number of photo-seekers. Participants are also allowed to snap parallel and perpendicular photos with this arrangement. Compared to a closed booth, the lack of size restrictions in an open air party photobooth in Melbourne allows for greater flexibility in creative poses, and as the images are digital, guests are free to take as many shots as they like. 

The will help alter the setup of the event 

An outdoor photo booth truly gives your event a special touch. Its sleek style is aesthetically pleasing and will quickly pique visitors’ curiosity. Our professional lighting and camera have a modern appearance that keeps everything gleaming and enhances your décor rather than detracting from it. You won’t even realise we’re there because setup and takedown are also quite simple.

They provide provisions of interacting

These photo booths will create great avenues of interaction with people over social media. They will instantly be able to share their photos, videos and other moments of fun and frolics over the various social media platforms. 

So these are the reasons that make the modern open air party photobooths have become so popular and indispensable part and parcel of the modern parties and events. Call us Lavides Global as we are one of the best open air party photobooth rental services. Call us to book the booth of your choice.