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Why Magic Mirror Photobooth the Best Addition For Any Event?

Photo Booths have come a long way to become a necessity for any event. Be it a wedding or a birthday party, having a magic mirror photobooth in Melbourne is all the craze now. Having a mirror photobooth can make any event memorable & special. But then, you might be wondering why a mirror photobooth, right? That’s what you are about to find out in this blog.

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Emergence of Mirror Photobooth 

Gone are those days when photographers were hired to record still photographs. With the evolution of technology, photo booths became a demanding choice for every event. Besides allowing the guests to capture fun moments, it offers digital prints to guests – instantly! This is a serious business for photo nerds or social media bugs who want to flood their Instagram or Snapchat handles with random photo dumps. 

So, if you’re planning to make something unique for your next event, check out why a magic mirror photobooth in Melbourne is your BEST option! 

Colourful Animations & Voice Commands Entertain Guests 

With a magic photobooth hire, guests can experience life animations, interactive sessions, sign on the mirror, pose for selfies and even video call friends & colleagues directly from the booth. Moreover, the option to click pictures or videos with voice prompts adds to more fun. You can also add custom themes to it depending on the mood and the type of event you’re hiring it for. 

Remarkable Picture Quality to Flaunt in Social Media 

Perhaps the biggest advantage to opt for party photobooth hire in Melbourne is to enjoy high-definition picture and video quality. If it’s a wedding party, you would want to capture and freeze every special moment for life – as it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The candid shots or videos of moments are something to be cherished for a lifetime. Leading companies offering magic photo booths also provide you with a camera that supports high-resolution images & videos. 

Entertain Guests of All Age Groups 

Another huge advantage of having a magic photobooth hire is that it can entertain people of all age groups. It serves as an excellent ice-breaker for individuals who feel reluctant to gel up with others. For instance, your boss or colleagues might hesitate to sing karaoke or dance, but with a party photobooth hire in Melbourne, they simply can’t resist themselves from taking random snaps. It’s that much fun! 

A Magic Photobooth Serves as a Keepsake for Guests 

It might surprise you, but those days are things of the past when you used to carry smartphones everywhere you go to snap pictures. Now, with a magic photobooth, you can get a tangible print of the moments right on the spot. So, even if the guests forget to carry their smartphones or digicams at your venue, it doesn’t make any visible difference. 

Furthermore, each package comes with customisations by a dedicated graphic designer. So, it acts as a valuable keepsake for guests to cherish them for a lifetime! 

We Can Make Your Event Unique – Hire Magic Mirror Photobooth 

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