Mirror Photo Booth Hire Melbourne
Why Mirror Photo Booths for Open Air Setting Are a Sensation At Present?

Photobooths frankly speaking, have become a staple for every event these days  regardless of the niche, magnitude and theme. Much due to this continuing and ever increasing popularity of these photo booths, the brains behind the machines are continuing relentless R&D to revolutionise the technology they are associated with. 

The mirror photo booths, which is one of the latest sensations is the fallout of such R&D. These magical photo booths are high-tech and they come with a string of value-added features, which help the user click out of this world photos and improvise them as per their will. During the initial years after these mirror photo booths were introduced, they were restricted to the indoors. However, with the advent of new technology, these booths can now be used outdoors as well. To be frank, they have revolutionised the concept of outdoor parties and events. Now the million dollar question is, what is the reason behind this hike in popularity of these mirror photo booths in outdoor parties. 

Mirror Photo Booth Hire Melbourne

What are the features that add to the popularity? 

These mirror booths go a long way to make the outdoor parties stellar. The latest mirror photo booth in St Kilda will come up with high-quality DSLR cameras that are designed to generate stunning images, digital pictures as well as quality videos that make all the difference. 

Besides, they come with a string of cutting-edge interactive features that have the following highlights: 

A set of highly dynamic and vibrant animations coupled with voice guidance that will keep the guests and the users engaged in the most enthralling manners

Besides, these booths feature some smooth, seamless touch screen technology that will remind the users of their most favoured theme or item to improvise their images with. 

A set of photos and videos, gifs and boomerangs that can be conceptualised and created at the flick of the finger

Image signature technology and emoji stamping features that make every click personalised, in all possible ways. 

Features that facilitate instant social sharing of the outcomes of using all of the above features with the use of unique party hashtag

Some words about the backdrop

These photobooths can produce fascinating outcomes against any backdrop of users’ choice. Whether it is a formal backdrop or a decorative one, a thematic background or an abstract one, you can make the most of these mirror photo booth hire services in Melbourne  the way you would like to. 

Overall, the open air mirror photo booth offers an unforgettable experience.They are interactive and are high-tech, acting  like a giant smartphone, and completely customisable to fit any occasion. 

If you’re still thinking about renting an enclosed photo booth for your event, stop right now. It’s time to take the stage and strike a stance for all to see.

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