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3 Hard-to-Miss Backdrops to Raise the Heat of Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Is your kid’s birthday knocking at the door? Are you planning to make it unique this time? By opting for the idea of a photo booth, you have already made a smart choice. With digital advancement on the rise, it has become an ongoing trend to include photobooth in almost every party. And when it comes to your child’s birthday party, you will definitely want to make it fun-filled and memorable.

Photo booth is a great fun starter for party frolics and adds a new dimension to the event with amazing backdrops and funny props. Backdrops play a vital role as it makes each of your digital clicks not only pretty but incredible. Children crave for fun and excitement and photo booths can rightly fulfil the desire. To keep your guests tuned till the end of the birthday party, try these 3 unique backdrops this year.

1. Paper Fan is the New Backdrop Trend

Paper fan backdrop has become a trendy inclusion for people who opt for birthday party photo booth hire in Melbourne. To make the most of this incredible backdrop, all you need is a little bit of patience. With the use of minimal supplies such as poster boards, packing tape, glue, coloured paper and pins, you can make this backdrop happening.

The most exciting part of this backdrop is it’s super easy to create and requires no additional effort. You can make as many paper fans as you want and create the background simply by joining the poster boards. There is no particular format for arranging the paper fans; you can be as much as creative with the arrangements.

2. Batman Framed Backdrops is What Children Love

Is your kid a big-time fan of batman? Then it would be great to surprise your child with a Batman costume and photobooth on this birthday. Perhaps there is hard to find a child who doesn’t love to pose as Batman. Moreover, it becomes a moment of sheer excitement when they see themselves in Batman costume in the printed pictures.

Are you wondering how to make this backdrop with photo booth hire in Melbourne? All you need to do is cut a black foam board from the centre to create the perfect frame and create the letters with coloured paper. Next, take a print of the Batman symbol and stick the logo and letters on the edges and you are all done!

3. Backdrop with Gold Sequins Add Glamour

If you want to add glamour to the event and make it talk of the town, gold sequins backdrop should be your perfect pick. It not only adds glamour to the event but lifts the mood of the attendees to a great extent. You might think it to be too difficult to create but in reality, it is extremely easy and fun. You can also involve your friends in the process to make it even better.

To start with the process, you need to measure the total area and arrange the sequins accordingly. Next, you need to cover the space with foam board and gold wrapping paper to bring out the glamorous look. Glue the sequins all over and create a platform for children to strike a pose.

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