Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne
How Are Mirror Photo Booths Overshadowing the Other Options?

Whether it is for your wedding party or your birthday event, the first thing you will probably keep your eyes on in recent times is perhaps the photo booth. This particular device has turned out to be one of the mandatory inclusions in your event. But, the catch is which photo booth will serve as the best option.

Your venue, your budget, your occasion type and the majority of your guests are some of the factors that will contribute in your choice. But, above all, it comes down to your selection and the way you wish to treat your guests.

Our recommendation for you would be to go for party photo booth hire in Melbourne discarding the other options, and we have all the right reasons to back up our suggestion. Let’s reveal it one after another.

What is a Mirror Photo Booth?

At first, we would like to introduce you to our mirror photo booth. The booth comprises of a semi-transparent mirror, software for you to take pictures using the mirror and instantly to share those to social media and of course the camera using which the people will take their snap.

So, at the same time, the mirror booth is letting its users take amazing selfies, creating the keepsakes and save those unforgettable moments that they could cherish throughout the time.

Learn About the Touch Technology

The next thing you ought to learn about is its touch technology. Usually, there are mirror booths available in the market equipped with two different types of touch technologies.

In our mirror photo booth hire in Melbourne, one is the IR Touch Overlay, and the other one is Touch Foil. Among these two touch technology types, the IR Touch Overlay is much more popular than the other one.

Mirror Photo Booth Hire Melbourne

Do you Know the Mirror Type?

Just like the touch technology, there are variations in the type of mirrors used in mirror booths too. One is the acrylic two-way mirror, and the other one is a two-way glass mirror. Usually, the glass two-way mirrors used in the photo booth looks the best as it resembles the mirror because of its high reflection ability.

Animations, GIFs and a Lot More …

The unique feature of a mirror photo booth that separates it from the rest of the options is its graphic features. The mirror booth has made the integration of animations, GIFs, smileys, signature and a lot of other features possible.

Guests find these interactive features highly engaging and wish to explore more of these magical experience. Their eagerness and excitement are enough to make sure that a queue is formed in front of the photo booth entrance.

Final Words

The full-length mirror also lets the guests see themselves in front of the mirror, from head to toe. So, the experimentation they wish to do is not only limited to their facial expression, but also, they are allowed to strike any pose they want.

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