Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne
5 Features to look for While Considering Mirror Photo Booth Hire Service

Mirror photo booths have taken over the conventional open and box photo booths in a big way. The state of the art features that these new-age photo booths come up with goes a long way to add colour, life and joy to the events, regardless of their genre and purpose.

Every mirror photo booth that is available for hiring comes up with more or less the same features. However, it’s the class and quality of these features that matters and makes a difference. Thus, as a stakeholder, it will be just for you to opt for a mirror photo booth hire service in Melbourne that offers you booths with some qualitatively high state of the art features. This will help you make the most of your investment. On this page, let us discuss the 5 top features that you need to consider while hiring a mirror photo booth.

The Quality of printouts

These mirror photo booths ideally come up with an in-built or embedded dye-sub printer, which will make it possible to instantly generate the photos that are printed by the mirror. This should include unlimited printouts so that you do not have to be worried about the printer running out of printout papers in case you have a huge turnout for your event or party. Thus, before you hire a rental mirror photo booth in Melbourne, you need to consider the quality of printouts and whether unlimited printouts are included in the hire package.

Ensure it is a Full-Length Mirror

Ideally, these mirror photo booths are full length, thereby offering your guests to take their life-size images. Of course, the printouts will be in standard 6’ x 4’ format, but that should give your guests the option of having their entire getup, dress and makeup clicked and shared over social media if they feel like it. Generally, these mirrors have high tech software support mechanisms that will help customise the photos as per the preferences of the guests.

The Quality of Photos

Apart from the printouts, you must take a hard look at the quality of photos they take. Generally, these photo booths come up with high-quality DSLR cameras that allow these booths to click high-quality HD photos.

They also come up with embedded flash that contributes to the maintenance of high-quality photos.


These high tech mirror photo booths in Melbourne need to come up with features that help them dispatch photos directly and instantly to individual phones via text messages.

Besides, these photo booths should also have the provision that will let your guests customise their photos by putting down their signature and custom messages with the help of state of the art touch screens.

Provision to Provide Custom Prints

These booths should also come up with a number of design options for taking the printouts, including colour schemes of choice, the number of images as per the need and the location of the signature.

Therefore, before you opt for a mirror photo booth, you need to see if these features are there, to serve your purpose and if so, you need to check their quality. Lavides Global is the best name to hire these mirror photo booths from. Call us to book the package of your choice, or write to us to get an online free quote.