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Things You Need To See Before Choosing a Wedding Photo Booth

Wedding photo booths are considered one of the best additions to the event, But before you can choose the booth, you will need to look for certain things which can help you avert plenty of problems. Moreover, if you are in Melbourne, you will need to look for all the factors that we have discussed here since there is immense competition in this city.

Types of Wedding Booths Available

When you are discussing your requirements with the company offering wedding photo booths for hire in Melbourne, you will need to see the types of photo booths that the company offers. For instance, ask whether you will be getting an open photo booth or an enclosed one. But if you see that they offer both, you can choose the one that you think will go best with the event.

Features of the Photo Booth

The wedding photo booth needs to have certain features such as unlimited photos, editing the photos, available filters, etc. that will help enhance the photos. However, the features will vary from company to company. But see to it that the features that you are getting are meeting your needs.

Equipment that will Be Provided

Though most photo booth service providers offer high-end equipment such as cameras and lights to make your photos look outstanding, you should ask a few technical questions such as the type of camera that will be provided, its resolution, the lights that you can expect in the photo booth, etc.

Time-Taken To Set Up The Wedding Photo Booth

The time-taken to set up the photo booth generally varies. Nevertheless, the company offering these booths beside affordable wedding photography in Melbourne set up the systems quickly. So, this is something that you need to consider before you invest in the photo booth. This will save you a lot of time and help avoid hassles.

Props That Will Be Delivered

To enhance the wedding photos, you will need to have the best props that should be delivered with the booth. But still, to make sure that you are not wasting your money, you will need to ask about the props that they offer.

If you find that there are only a few of them and they do not meet your needs, you should find a different photo booth service provider.

Booth Supervision

Management of the photo booth is required during the wedding event. So, booth supervision is required. Therefore, before hiring the photo booth from the company offering cheap wedding photography in Melbourne, you need to make sure that they will provide you with a supervisor who will be taking care of the photo booth during the event.


Finally, you need to see the cost of the services before you invest in the wedding photo booth service. Here, you should only invest in a company that offers the service at a reasonable price.

By looking at these seven things, you can choose a reliable photo booth provider.

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