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5 Reasons Why Open Air Photo Booths Score Over Their Closed Counterparts

When you are hosting a party, you have several types of photo booths to choose from – closed photo booths, the mirror photo booths, the open-air ones. Mirror photo booth belongs to a different genre altogether, and hence we keep this variety out of the scope of this discussion.

Of the closed and the open-air variety, the later one always scores more than the former type for several reasons. Here are the 5 basic reasons why people always vouch for open-air photo booths whenever they contact us at Lavides Global.

1. The More Space, Its The Merrier

When it comes to open-air photo booths, it comes with unlimited space, and hence it adds more fun and frolics to the party. It holds more potential for fun and laughter, and if you can use an open air photo booth in Melbourne, properly, the sky is the limit. Whether it is for a wedding reception, or your office party, or a social gathering, an open booth is always the cynosure of all the fun, glamour and gaiety.

The principal reason being, with unlimited space, you can enjoy to the fullest with as many as you like, without having to jostle for space in an open-air booth.

2. Photo Quality is The Very Best

These booths come with a no-nonsense quality that gives you the option of going for the best photos. Since it is an open-air variety, there is no limit to the background. You can go to the farthest innovative extent to add never-tried-before backgrounds to add to the life of the images. Even when it comes to experimenting with light and shades, these open-air booths come up with more options compared to their closed counterparts, and that adds the difference.

3. They are Photographers Delight

Well, these open-air photo booths are indeed photographers’ delight. With unlimited ways of making the most of those photo sessions and the unlimited option of backgrounds, they are the real treat from the lensmen’s point of view.

And again, even as an onlooker, you will have a lot to rejoice for. With the booths being open, nothing comes in the way of your line of sight, and you can enjoy the proceedings from the sidelines. Isn’t that something great? Surely it is!

4. The Style Makes the Difference

The open-air photo booth adds some extra dimensions to the event. They come up in sleek design, which is always inviting and instantly engross the guests and intrigue their curiosity. And there lies the catch. These booths go a long way in keeping things rather sleek and help them to complement the decor, instead of competing with the decor.

5. Getting Creative

In the question of creativity, again, people can go for the real ‘as you like it’ stuff. With unlimited space and scope of enjoyment, people can be as creative as they like to, with those props that will add a tinge of ‘sweet weirdness’ that makes the difference.

That is why the open-air booths that people hire from us are so adored. In Lavides Global you get a photo booth hire company in Melbourne that will make you feel the difference in the way you enjoy!

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