Open Photo Booth Poses
3 Exciting Open Photo Booth Poses You Must Try On Your Friend’s Wedding

Are you all geared up to attend your best friend’s grand wedding ceremony this coming week? Well, you must have asked your friend about the fun and frolics that are included in the event for lifting the party spirit even higher. Is your friend planning to opt for photo booth hire in Melbourne? If so, you need to be more creative in order to experiment with different photo booth props and backdrops. So have you thought of how to blend in with the variety of elements present in the photo booth?

Photo booths have come a long way in making every moment special with its incredible backdrops and ease of set up. If you are a photo addict, you will surely love this concept. The biggest advantage of having an open photo booth is that you can click incredible snaps to flaunt in your social media accounts. To make every frame special, all you need is to make your poses unique from others.

We have come up with a few outstanding posing ideas that can add a new dimension to your photos. Let’s check out each one of them.

Try A Celebrity Pose

Do you have all those qualities to pose like a celebrity? An open photo booth is a perfect place to showcase your talent. Strike an ideal pose to bring out the star in you. You can experiment with vintage backdrops or flowery backgrounds so that your poses look real with a sophisticated tinge.

If you want to add charm and life to the photos, you can invite your friends to accompany you inside the booth. You can ask them to stand at a distance and click your photos or click you at the time you are throwing flying kisses to the guests in order to make it real and happening.

Pretend to be Serious

Being too much serious can add a whole lot of fun and entertainment to your pictures. You can either take selfies in that pose or accompany with your partners in crime to make this particular pose even more special.

To make your pictures hilarious, you can try a simple trick. Strike a pose where both of your partners would be looking at each other with a crotchety expression, or both of you would be facing the camera with a serious look. Pretend to make it so real that someone would come up to you and ask ‘why so serious’ and that moment you burst out into laughter.

Party Bumps for Unlimited Fun

Do you want to load a bag full of memories on your friend’s wedding? Want to create something unique that you would love to cherish for a lifetime? If so, you can make plans to give party bumps to your mate inside the open photo booth in Melbourne.

The shutterbugs will keep on taking random snaps and it would be an awesome moment worth remembering! The candid shots and the fun-filled ambience will revive your memories and fill your heart with joy whenever you see the pictures after a few years.

Want to Be Picture-Perfect? Hire Trusted Experts

No matter how good and unique is your pose, all your efforts will go in vain if your friend does not hire a renowned company offering incredible open photo booth in Melbourne. Do not hesitate to knock your friend about this before the wedding day. At Lavides Global, we take pride in offering our clients with outstanding photo booths they can boast about. Our rentals are affordable and we make your event the talk of the town with our unique offerings.

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