Mirror Photo Booth Hire Melbourne
A Few Words of the Aesthetic Specialty of Mirror Photo Booths

If you are looking for a different experience with a photo booth, then you must part ways with the conventional photo booths and opt for the new age photo booths, the mirror photo booths, which are the newest member in the photo booth family. They are different from the conventional booths in many ways and if you are to realize the real greatness of its aesthetics you need to know the difference between the old booths and these new age booths. Let’s see how these booths are different.

The backdrop: 

The background of this photo booth is obviously digital and can be changed with just a click of a button. You can choose them as per your needs, your aesthetics and your choice. 

The Print Design/the Overlay Template/the Frame

This is a new feature of a mirror photo booth. Unlike in older versions of those photo booths where the frames have to be physically handled by the subjects themselves, here the frames, the overlay templates and the print designs, in whichever way you want to call it, comes in a digital format, which can be customised, changed and improvised upon whatever way you may like it. There lies the greatness of a high tech mirror photo booth available in Melbourne. 

The start screen and the Attract Screen

This feature is more like a screen saver than anything else, which runs even when the mirror is not in use.  These screens contain the icons that will help you choose the commands with the help of which you will be able to customise the photo with features of your choice in the way you like. 

In what way can these booths change you? 

When it comes to using these photo booths, you need to be innovative. You must ask yourself in what way you like to see yourself. This will help you customise your photos using the value adding features. 

Also, you must have a clear idea about how you would like to use your photo in showcasing yourself to highlight the event that you are intending to hire the mirror photo booth in Melbourne for. 

What is the psychology behind the popularity of these photo booths? 

It is the natural instinct of human beings to present themselves in the best way, more so when it comes to sharing photos online. It fulfills their subdued wishes. And these high tech photo booths give them precisely this golden chance, while sharing the photos online or when it comes to getting a framed image. It helps them to freeze the funniest moments of their lives in the most innovative and the best way.

What are the commercial aspects of these photo booths? 

From the commercial point of view, these booths go a long way to publicize events for which they are hired. And they do so in a very innovative way, helping the stakeholders to reap the most out of the latest technology. 

Thus, if you are to make the most out of these booths, call Lavides Global at 0417399273 as we will deliver the best digital booth we have at our disposal, for you.