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The Latest Wedding Photography Trends in 2021

Nothing changes as briskly as photography trends. With every passing year, new trends and techniques of photography evolve, pushing the earlier ones in the backseat. And when we discuss change in photography trends, the realm of wedding photography sees the most of it….and for obvious reasons. In this page, let us look into some of the hottest trends of wedding photography in 2021

Informal and Relaxed Shoots 

Gone are the days of those posh, classic postures of wedding photos, where the subjects used to pose rather mechanically, in front of the lens. Now, the brides and the grooms would like to stay relaxed and in a very informal mood, when they face the camera for the photo session during the wedding. This helps the warmth of their relationship and the coziness that the love birds enjoy together, to be picked up by the lens.

Pre wedding photography 

Wedding is not an all-on-a-sudden incident. The relationship between the two souls that culminates into a wedding grows up gradually. And this growing bondage is well expressed through the body language of the bride and the groom, when they spend time together. If those moments of their togetherness and warmth, love and romance and the reflection of all the aspirations in their eyes can be arrested, they become an excellent exhibit of bondage that marriage is about. 

This has given rise to the concept of pre-wedding photography, which is one of the most favourable chapters of wedding photography in 2021. It has been so though, for quite some years. More and more couples are including pre-wedding photography when they get into a wedding photography contact in Melbourne like elsewhere this year. 

Proposal Shoot

This is another current trend of wedding photography. Many couples are freezing this rather tender moment in frames. Well, this may not be a very spontaneous one, and may very well appear tailor made. Still, this is after all the moment from which everything starts and it’s not a particularly a bad idea to the moment forever. The puritans however, would rather prefer to keep the moment private though. 

Wedding Flower shoot

A wedding sans flowers is unthinkable, and it never happens. Thus, going by the current trend, the brides and the grooms of today would like not to highlight themselves, but the floral arrangement as well, as the flowers play a pivotal role in wedding arrangements. Thus, they would expect their wedding photographer in St Kilda to highlight the flowers equally. In fact, it is one of the hottest trends of wedding photography in 2021.  

Drone Shots

This is a new entry in the realm of wedding photography. Thanks to this newcomer, wedding photography has now got a new dimension. Drones have given the wedding photographers the liberty of trying out new techniques, angles, lights and exposure hitherto unknown and unexplored in wedding photography. 

Monochrome Photoshoots

Black and white wedding photos have seen a revival of late, thanks to new editing trends and technology. With the use of innovative props and backgrounds and an abstract look and feel, these monochrome photos have added a new tinge to the realm of wedding photography. 

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