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Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Congratulations…! You have finally decided to marry the person you love the most and make her/him your partner for life.

So, considering the importance of this holy ceremony, of course, you want to have a quality wedding photographer to capture all those precious moments.

But, not all photographers are the same- be in their skills or personality. So, whenever you look to find a good photographer in St Kilda for your wedding day, make sure you do not commit these 5 mistakes.

Rushing To Secure a Booking

When you are handling your wedding arrangements, booking supplies and meeting other important obligations, you often lack time to find the right photographer for your special day. Ideally, most couples look to book their wedding photographer well in advance to avoid any last-minute complications or availability issues.

However, if you book your photographer immediately after getting engaged and without taking time to do any research work or inspect their portfolio, social media feeds and other related work; then you are making a mistake.

The wise choice would be to take ample time and search for their online work and even speak to them directly to understand his/her style and experience. This will give you more confidence in their ability to turn all your precious moments into life-savouring memories.

Just Focussing On Their Portfolio 

While researching a wedding photographer; don’t hire them by just browsing through their portfolio. It only consists of their best shots and may not be the most perfect depiction of what your wedding pictures may come out.

Along with that; you should look to in-person and request for their previously shot wedding albums. Doing so will allow you to properly decide whether the photographer is truly good and the right person to shoot your wedding or not!

Choosing One Whom You’re Not Comfortable Working With 

Along with impressive photographic skills and quality of pictures in previous wedding albums, your photographer should also have a pleasing personality. You should feel comfortable working with him on your special day.

But, if you think that you are not comfortable- be it with the photographer’s style or the photographer himself, then it is better to not go with him. You are already tensed on your wedding day and the last thing you want is to add another reason to that list!

Just keep looking until you do find someone whom you develop a comfortable rapport.

Wedding Photography

Going For the Cheapest Photographer

Most couples planning to tie the knot, often make the mistake of going for the cheapest photographer they can find in their suburb. Don’t make this mistake.

Choose someone who not has lots of experience in the field of wedding photography across Melbourne and offers his services at industry-standard rates. Going for photographers who charge bottom dollar means they aren’t that experienced and could even miss out on some of those priceless moments during your wedding ceremony.

Making Your Friend Your Wedding Photographer

Everyone has friends who can operate a camera and even click quality pictures from time to time. But that doesn’t mean you should entrust your bestie to be your wedding photographer.

Capturing quality wedding pictures is an art and not everyone who owns a DSLR may be able to deliver the same quality shots as a professional wedding photographer would. 

Refrain from committing these 5 common mistakes when choosing your wedding photographer.

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