Birthday Photo Booth Melbourne
Open Air Photo Booths for a Birthday – Is that the Right Choice?

Very much so – to start with!! Why? There are legitimate reasons. Let’s get into it right away.!

We have seen people opting for closed photo booths for celebrating the birthday of their kids! Such a wastage of scope and resources we must say! We would neer indulge in that!! In fact, when people come up to us at Lavides Global to hire birthday photo booths in Melbourne, we would ask them to go for open-air photo booths rather than opting for the enclosed booths, and that also for obvious reasons though.

The Open Air Booths Come with Loads of Fun 

When you are hosting a birthday party for your kids, you are inviting their friends and maybe their parents as well, and in great numbers. Well, that’s obvious, but you need to be ready to make arrangements for their ultimate enjoyment. Now when you opt for those enclosed photo booths you have lost the war even before it has started. These booths, with limited space, will result in a pandemonium, when all the friends of your kids will gather at the same time, to be clicked together. A lot of oohs and ahhs, shouldering, and a lot of ‘you did this to me’ and ‘I didn’t do this”…and the photo sessions will be gone without any splendour! There will be no special pose, no innovative postures, no natural smiles and naughtiness of the kids to be captured….not a very healthy sign for a birthday party.

Think of an open-air photo booth on the other hand!! It will be like icing in the cake, to be frank! When you opt for one the sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating it, making it gel with the theme you have set for the party and of course with the mood that you are willing to set for the party. The kids get ample chance of freeing the arms without the fear of being shouldered and the feelers ones being cornered by the stouter ones.

They Justify the Decors 

When you opt for the open-air photo booth hire in Melbourne, you can be assured about the fact that they will justify the decor that you have decided for the booth itself and the party in the truest sense. The fact that you will be able to station them outdoors, will give the liberty to add the decors as per your plan and add more colour and style to the party and these booths will back your concept in a fully-fledged way.

The Props 

Even your liberty of using props is augmented by manifolds when you opt for the open-air photo booths. With more space, almost unlimited, if you may say so, you have the liberty of using any props that you may feel will back the decor, making the aesthetic appeal of the booth and the event all the more jovial and holistic from your as well as the kids’ perspective.

Thus you see, when you opt for these open-air photo booths from Lavides Global, you give a real shot in the arm of the birthday party you have arranged for your kids and their friends. For further details, call us at 0417399273. We are available 24×7.