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Hiring Open Photo Booth – A Few Questions to Ask Your Vendor

Hiring a photo booth for a party is not a new thing. Everyone does it these days. Statistically speaking, open photo booths are more popular than their closed counterparts due to a string of advantages. Nevertheless, that’s a different story. Now the question is how to hire an open party photo booth? Well, when you hire one, you do so for a definite purpose and hence, you need to ensure that the booth in question ends up serving that purpose successfully.

Thus, before you hire an open party booth in Melbourne as in any other place, you must ask your vendor a few questions that will ensure you are hiring the right product that will indeed be a truly omnipresent solution to your party needs.

What Will Be the Quality of the Photos?

The mainstay of any photo booth is the quality of photos it generates. No matter how fancy and aesthetically pleasant the booth along with its accessories are, they will not make any difference at the end of the day, if the photos they generate are of no great quality. Therefore, before you put your stakes on a photo booth vendor, the first and foremost thing that you need to emphasise on is the quality of photos it generates. Thus, you need to ask blatantly about the qualities of photos you should expect. Mind it, the photos and the quality thereof MUST come first, followed only by all the frills and freebies.

What Are the Props and the Background Options?

Photo Booth Props

Modern booths these days come with a wide range of innovative props that should match the theme and the getup of your party. Thus, you must take into account the class and kind of props that come along with the booth and the background options. A number of open booths these days come with digitally manipulated backdrops and highly innovative lighting setup. You need to ask about the backdrops, props, and accessories and about the lighting that you can expect.

How Good Is the Camera and Its Set up Are?

The camera and the way it is set up should be another priority that you must question about, before hiring. When you hire a photo booth company in Werribee, if you are supposedly from this Melbourne suburb like elsewhere, you must ensure it offers the best state of the art camera, along with its photo booth. Thus, ask the vendor about the quality and the number of cameras it will set up at the event for the photo booth. Take a dig at the set up of the cams as well.

What Are the Social Media Sharing Options?

You must not forget that one of the principal reasons behind hiring a photo booth is to ensure that your guests are able to walk home carrying their best fun images with them, or have shared their fun moments on social media to their satisfaction. Thus, the booth you are willing to hire must have multiple social media sharing options to satisfy your guests. Do not forget asking your vendor this question. If you take into account us, we at Lavides Global would offer provisions of sharing the images on every major social media platform.

How Much Customisation Will the Vendor Allow?

There is no ‘all-formula-fits-all’ dictum when it comes to hiring a photo booth. The one you hire must gel with the theme and ambience of your party. The props and accessories it accompanies must match the pulse of your celebrations, and that depends upon the extent of customisation the vendor would allow. This is one good question to ask before you ink the agreement.

How Many Successful Events the Company Has in Its Portfolio?

You must ask the extent of relevant experience the vendor has under its belt. Every event and party is unique and is different from the other in terms of pulse and ambience. Thus, you must know whether the vendor has the experience of serving the type of party that you are planning to host. Again, this is another area where we at Lavides Global excel. With enough experience of serving every type or genre of a party, we will simply go beyond your expectations in terms of excellence and professionalism once you hire us.

Ask us these questions and we will satisfy you to the fullest!!

Indeed, being a premier company operating in and around Melbourne, and hiring state of the art open and mirror photo booths, we will solve all your queries agreeably, once you call us at 0417399273 and ask these questions!