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Some Popular Features for Open Photo Booths – 2021 Trends to Look For

Photo booths have come a long way since their early days. With a seamless blend of innovation and technology, they have become indispensable features of parties and events. More so, the open-air varieties have become all the more popular these days, adding unparalleled fun and frolics to the social gatherings – formal as well as informal. The last few years have witnessed a tremendous fillip in the use of technology to make the most of these photo booths, and this trend will gain further momentum next year. Thus, if you have plans to hire an open photo booth in Melbourne any time soon, it is your need of the hour to have a notion about the trendiest features that these booths are likely to bring in months to come!


There is hardly anything better than having fun emojis and effects added to the images. GIFs are wonderful options that can bring photos of your guests into life. Adding those GIFs in the images will allow your guests to capture the perfect photos in an event and add fun elements to them. The technology will allow your guests to get creative, let loose their shakiness, and help their trails and personalities to reach the next level with the right kind of GIFs. The interactivity of these photo booths is always fun-filled and full of entertainment, which will have a positive effect on their psyche and make the moments more memorable.

Unconventional Backdrops 

Open-air photo booths are the best option to vouch for if you are planning for some unconventional backdrops. In fact, going nontraditional while selecting backdrops for photo booths is the new in-thing and this is likely to get further fanning in the months to come. These open-air booths, with no constraints of space, will give you the liberty of experimenting with unique backgrounds, innovative light settings, and other accessories that will collectively make an out of this world, unique ambience that people will love! Indeed, it has become a trend to be different while selecting the backdrop!

Going High Tech

With the year 2020 gradually running through its last leg, you cannot ignore technology while planning a party. What better option can you have than using a photo booth for making the most of the new-age technology? It has become the newest trend to add effects to images to make them look livelier. The provisions of uploading the images on social media platforms with those effects, graphics, and customised scripts will do a world of good to the cause.

Beauty Modes and Custom Filters 

This is another new trend that will go great rounds in the months to come and throughout the next year. This will help your guests to doctor their photos, make them look more upbeat, and add various backgrounds and features the ambience to make the photos look truly out of this world.

And then, you can let them have unlimited photo prints they can share online, frame, and preserve forever. It has become a trend to have a provision of creating prestos with those photos at the parties soon after they are printed out of the photo booths.

Thus you see, you need to hire a cheap photo booth in Melbourne with all these trendy provisions if you are to make the most of it. Don’t look for much, when you have Lavides Global around. For further details and hire, call us at 0417399273. We are available 24×7.