Mirror Photo Booth
Mirror Photo Booth – An Immediate Fun Starter at Parties

 “Mirror, mirror, on the wall… can you make me the prettiest one of all…?”

Sure it can. That’s what our mirror photo booth is all about- Creating Magical, Interactive Photo-Sessions.

Magical Mirror Adores You

You get interchangeable frames, tempered mirror glass, LED Ring control, a wide range of frame selection, countless exciting features, full-length mirrors and a user-friendly touch screen interface of colourful animations and entertaining voice guidance.

They come with a customisable workflow and a layout builder, allowing you to custom-décor your clicks anyway you choose. From Cute, to Sexy, to even Loony, you will get a litany of touch-based emojis, motion detection features, vibrant coloured photo countdowns and even on-touch photo signing.

Not to forget, every picture which comes out will be of pro-quality, thus making it perfect for your social media profile or even your personal photo album.

Party Mirror Photo Booth Sydney

Awesome For Creating Your #Insta Story

If you’re an avid Instagram and have built up quite the fan base, then our mirror photo booth will give all your followers something to go ga-ga over!

Offering crystal clear reflections with every animation; you can take full advantage of it to strike the perfect pose. The animations are bundled by every type- even occasion-specific like for weddings, bar, mitzvahs, birthday bash, corporate galas, X-mas, Halloween, kid’s parties and more.

So, simply MIRROR yourself with your desirable pose and post it on your IG profile. And, then watch those likes/comments & compliments flow.

Furthermore, our mirror photobooth also incorporates a photo retake feature which allows you to rectify your shots in a seamless and time-efficient manner. By including this state of the art feature in our Magical mirror booths, we ensure that you always walk away with a smile of satisfaction on your pretty/handsome face.

Magical Mirrors Do Require the Plummeting Set-up Requirements

If you wish to have our magic mirror booths at your special event (& who are we kidding, of course; you do…); you need to ensure the following set-up requirements are met.

  • We will require an operational space of 3×3 metre square
  • A 13A 240V power point at close range
  • Proper access to the function room with corridors and doorways measuring more than 0.90m
  • We will only be able to access the event room using commercial/residential lifts
  • We will need you to fully adhere to our levied terms and conditions when providing you with our magic mirror photo booth hire arrangement
  • And; we have total authorisation to cut short the entertainment; if you (or any of your event members) is discourteous, abusive or pose a threat to our staff or equipment.

So, if you wish to add a bit of glamour to your special event in Melbourne and give everyone present (including yourself) a unique photo-generating session, Contact  Lavides Global.

Our Magic Mirror photobooth arrangement will provide you with something to savour for the rest of your life.  Enquire/Call whenever you see fit!

Special Message on This Pandemic Outbreak!

As your trusted photo booth hire provider in Melbourne; we advise to stay quarantined as much as you can. Whatever parties you plan; make sure you do it at your  place.

  • Be sure to keep an ample supply of soap and alcohol-based sanitisers
  • Consume lots of immunity-boosting meals and wash your hands before and after touching a thing or person
  • And never for once think that all your hopes of celebrating are lost. We are still operational 24×7 even in this pandemic outbreak, and we will do everything in our power to keep your precious smile intact.