Open Air Wedding Photo Booth
Benefits of Space that Open Air Wedding Photo Booths Give

If you are planning you are toying with the idea of hiring a photo booth on your wedding day that is due in three months (hope that the impasse due to the COVID 19 outbreak will be over by then), then it’s highly likely that you have by now gone through two different varieties of photobooths – 1) the traditional styled and the 2) the open-air variety. The two are similar in terms of concept, but when it comes to application and execution, the two take entirely two distinctive approaches.

Now the million-dollar question is which one you should opt for. Obviously, the open-air photo boxes come with a string of advantages and that is why most of the customers who place an order for photo booths at Lavides Global prefer the open-air variety more than their conventional box counterparts.

But why? 

Obviously, the open comes with a string of advantages that lure the customers.

More Space Means More People 

The most NOTICEABLE advantage of an open-air design it that, these kiosks come up with more space. Where the conventional box varieties can accommodate a definite number of individuals, with a footprint of more or less 40″X60″ cubicle, for the open-air ones, the space is unlimited. In fact, you accommodate as many people as you like!

open-air booths

Therefore, there is no jostling and huffing & puffing and no more of that ‘who-gets-in-first’ fiasco to deal with. If you are to have a seamless photo session with say cheese for every soul out there, the open air photo booths available in Melbourne are your saviour.

More Space Means More Creative Potentials 

More space will not only allow you to get more people for the photo sessions, another huge advantage so unlimited space is that you all the chances in the world to show your creative potential. While with a box booth, you are bound by certain ignominious limitations, when you go for an open-air one, you can literally ‘think out of the box’ since that ‘BOX’ is no more!

You can put your innovations, by having photos of the candid moment clicks with people jumping and rejoicing and even the likes throwing their buddies in the air. Then there are such astounding backdrops that you can put money on, with the stars and dazzling rings hung from trees, adding a surreal, still boisterous effect all around that will set the tone of a scintillating wedding ceremony!!

Open-air Photo Booths

More Space Means More Photographic Liberty 

Here is one trick of making the most of these open-air booths.

One of the basic techniques of getting high-quality clicks with these photo boxes is positioning the main flash a little off-axis and away from the lens. This will help every face included in the frame to be illuminated with a measured shadowing from part of the face to the other, thus giving a three-dimensional look and feel. Therefore, you see, there are a few tricks that you can follow when you hire open-air kiosks and give the clicks an outstanding effect.

Where else you will get this liberty than these open-air varieties? Thus, if you are to hire photo booths in Melbourne, ask for those open-air booths from us. We at Lavides Global comes up with some of the best and most amusing open-air boxes that can take your wedding ceremony to an altogether new height.

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