Photobooth Hire Trends: What’s Hot in the Birthday Party Scene

In the era of social media, not clicking pictures at events is impossible. Today, you are updated with every incident and news from around the world. Similarly, people hosting birthday parties want to make their events memorable for life. Incorporating an attractive photo booth can take your birthday to a whole new level. 

If you’re new to the concept of photobooth hire in Melbourne, we can guide you through a few trends that can make the event great. Let’s have a look –

Open-Air Photobooths

Traditional photo booths are enclosed in a small space. Today, trends are changing, and people prefer open-air photo booths. It allows your guests to take pictures in a more open and natural setting. Especially when you are hosting outdoor parties, open-air photo booths are the ideal choice. Even with larger events, like including many people for your birthday parties, open-air photo booths are great; they create a more creative vibe. 

Selfie- Style Photobooths 

Who doesn’t like taking selfies? Especially when you go to a party, you tend to take more than usual. Plus, it sees no age barrier. This is why selfie-style photo booths are ideal today for parties. It also saves a lot of money on staffing people to manage traditional photo booths. If you’re hosting a party for younger kids, go for selfie-style photobooths. 

Photobooth Hire in Melbourne

360-degree Photobooths

Regarding the new trends in birthday party photobooth hire in Melbourne, 360-degree ones are currently reigning! 360-degree photobooths record visitors’ footage from every aspect. Consequently, the visitors have a unique and enjoyable experience, and the ensuing recordings will go viral on social media.

Themed Photobooths

This one is common, yet it always works! Based on your party theme, create a photo booth or hire one that complements the theme. It adds an element of excitement and makes it attractive for the guests. You can use props, masks, or even costumes to create the magic of the theme. 

Social Media Integration 

Everyone is raving over social media, regardless of the medium. In fact, for most people, it has become a way of life. Several photo booth companies today offer photo booths with social media integration. It is now a pretty popular addition. This makes it easier for guests to instantly share their photos and videos on social media. 

GIF Photobooths

Lastly, another trending option is GIF photobooths. Guests may share the animated GIFs produced by GIF photo booths on social media. This is a beautiful way to document the joy and excitement of a celebration and provides visitors with a one-of-a-kind memento to remember it by.

Take your party to another level with exciting features and additions that make guests remember your party for a lifetime! Photo booths are one such unrivalled feature you cannot miss out on!

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