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5 Great Reasons to Opt for Monochrome Wedding Photography

Black & white wedding photography has made a grand return, to start with. More and more couples are vouching for the good old monochrome pre-wedding and wedding photography. So they are practically preferring to reverse the stream of time when it comes to freezing the most stupendous moments of their lives – not without reasons, though. Black and white photography as an aura of its own. Besides, it comes with a number of plus points that make them so very special. On this page, let us discuss the 5 most important reasons for which the couples these days are preferring monochrome wedding photography over their coloured counterparts. 

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They underline the emotions and showcase special moments with more intensity

Weddings are all about the emotions and warmth of a bondage between two souls. And it is pretty obvious that the emotion will show up in the body language of the brides and grooms. Here is where monochrome photographs clicked by a professional who clicks wedding photography in Melbourne will make the difference. Because of the absence of colours, even the minute emotional shades that are palpable in the facial expression, the glow of the eyes become overwhelmingly distinct. An experienced wedding photographer will cleverly use the lights and shades and a well balanced composition of the two, to make the reflections of those emotional shades all the more distinct. 

They add a tinge of timelessness to the images

Coloured photos lure eyeballs by the sheer combination of colours of various intensities, hues and noise. Monochrome photos are devoid of all these. Yet, when clicked with the right focus, with a perfect use of light and shade, perfect contrast, well balanced composition and a seamless texture, they create magic! In fact, they add a resounding tinge of timelessness and class that makes all the difference. They freeze those golden moments with an out of this world aura of timelessness. 

They eliminate the non-timeless features From the photos 

The coloured photos seldom are able to add that aura of timelessness, simply because they come up with a number of non-timeless features that in most of the cases overwhelm the mood of the clicks. This is where the monochrome photos win over their coloured photographs. When clicked in proper ways these photos are able to overwhelm the non-timeless features so much so that they never feel crowded. 

Monochrome Photos Are Dramatic 

If one wants more drama in wedding photos, vouching for black and white wedding photos is the best step to take. With the use of the right texture, focus and by adding that element of softness it is possible for a professional photographer in Dandenong to add an element of drama that suits with the mood of the occasion. 

In  difficult lights black and white Photos are the best option

There are situations when light plays poorly.  As and when that happens coloured photos get marred by lack of adequate light. In these cases, monochrome photos come up as the best option. The poor light acts as a boon in disguise for the clicks, but letting the formation of an abstract out of this world aura that justifies the purpose of the photography. 

So if you are getting married soon and looking forward to hiring a photographer for some pre-wedding and wedding photos, prefer monochrome. And for that Lavides Global comes up as your best option. Call us to book our service at the earliest.