Mirror Photo Booth Hire Melbourne
Questions to Ask Before Hiring Mirror Photo Booth

Mirror photo booths are the next-gen booths, which are smart enough to give the very latest computers a run for their money. Indeed, they come with a wide range of high-tech provisions, in the form of apps and features. All these features give the users not only the provisions of sharing photos on social media platforms instantly but doctoring their photos in the ways they like. Thus, these high-tech mirror photo booths available in St Kilda and other Melbourne suburbs are blue-eyed choices of people of various age groups.

Indeed, when people come to us at Lavides Global, our mirror photo booths are always their first and foremost choice. However, not every company that offers rent out these photo booths in and around Melbourne is as qualitatively superior as we are. Hence, you need to be cautious while hiring them. That is the reason you need to ask them a few questions before you take a step ahead. 

Are you licensed and insured?

These high-tech photo booths are designed and developed to be easy to use and are pretty hardy, provided you do not bulldoze them. Still, there is always a gap between the cup and the lips. Thus, you need to ask whether the company you hire the mirror photo booth in St Kilda from, is licensed and insured. Also, you need to ask what the insurance coverage includes. Does it cover only the company’s interest or covers your interests as a customer as well. 

How user-friendly and well maintained your mirror photo booth is?

Though these photo booths are designed to be extremely user friendly, still you need to ask this question to the company that you have opted for, to hire the mirror photo booth in Doncaster or elsewhere in Melbourne, ensure that it is user friendly enough so much that all your guests of every age and every walk of life find it easy negotiating it.

Besides, ensure that the booth is well maintained, so that it does not malfunction and develops snags midway through your event, leaving you with a red face. 

Will a technician accompany the booth at the party?

This is a must-ask question if you are to hire a mirror photo booth in Melbourne. Since these gadgets are high-tech, it will always be an added advantage to have a trained technician at the party. The techie will be able to assist your guests in clicking and customising the photos. Also, the professional will be able to take care of any glitch and fix it to nip in the bud any major technical issue during the party. 

What will be the cost?

Finally, it is to ask for the cost. No reputed company renting out mirror photo booths in and around Melbourne would tag an exorbitant cost against their rental service. Still, know all the terms and conditions in detail before inking the agreement. Ask where it has the idle charge or any other hidden cost included. 

So this completes the list of the questions you need to ask. Thus, we would advise you to opt for us, if you are to hire a mirror photo booth in Melbourne and its suburbs. When you do so, you can be sure about these above-mentioned issues. Indeed, we are the safest choice. For further details, dial us at 0417399273.