Photo Booth Props
Props That You Can Include in a Party Photo Booth in Melbourne

If you have a party scheduled and are hiring a photo booth, you need to include a few props as well to make your photo sessions attractive. Generally, props are included by default but you can include DIY props as well, or order some new props according to your needs. 

Anyway, today we will discuss the props that will make your party photos look really attractive. So, if you are in Melbourne and are planning to hire a photo booth, make sure that you are hiring it from a reputed company that provides new and trendy props for parties.

  • Feather Crowns

Want to achieve a look that makes you stand out from the rest at a party? Go for the feather crown prop. A reputed company providing the party photo booth for hire in Melbourne can make this customised prop for you. Otherwise, you can also go for a DIY. 

You can assemble feathers of different colours to make this prop and add some gold or silver dust to add that extra sparkle.

  • Facial Hair

Moustaches are always a great prop for party photo booths. They add a fun element to your photos. Most of the providers of photo booths provide these props. However, if you want, you can make these props too. 

You can make props of different colours as per your needs. You just need some hard paper and colours.

  • Sunglasses of Various Shapes 

Photo booth props

Sunglasses of various shapes are readily available as props in all types of party photo booths. In fact, if you go for an open photo booth hire in Melbourne, you will find these props too. On the other hand, making these sunglasses is also easy if you want to try out new shapes and sizes.

  • Props Made with Flower  

There are different types of props that you can make with flower. It can be a hairband or even a backdrop. Moreover, if you want, you can use plastic flowers too in place of real flowers as they are affordable and comes in varying colours.

  • Superhero Props

You don’t always require a full superhero costume in the party photo booth rental in Melbourne. Rather, you can include different accessories carried by your favourite superheroes as props.

Making these props might be difficult. So, the best idea is to talk to the rental company about these props because at present these superhero props have become extremely popular.

  • Masks as Props

Masks have been used as props for a long time and they are still used. These masks make you look elegant at the party and in the photo session too. So, including these masks as a prop in the party photo booth is a must.

  • Colourful Umbrellas

This is another prop that was earlier considered best for birthday photo booths. But now, you can include them in the party booths too.

So, these were a few popular props that will make you look enticing in the photos that you click in the photo booths.

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