Photo Booth Lighting
Retro Lighting Settings to Spice up your Birthday Party Photo Booth

Are you planning to add a retro look and feel to your birthday photo booth? Well, you can go for a fitting background for that, though that is not enough. You need to add suitable lighting to create that retro look and feel to the fullest. In fact, the lights would play a pivotal role in creating that vintage look and feel. Here on this page, we discuss some of the most suitable forms of lighting that would make all the difference to your birthday photo booth. 

The Neon Lights

Creating custom neon signs is a wonderful way of bringing back that vintage look and feel when you set up the photo booth. What you need to do is to select a colour of your choice (a sombre colour will be a better idea) and a fitting shape and size for the neon design. You can opt for a candidly created heart shape, or a flowing text that tells the name of the birthday person, against a brick painted wall to create that ambience. 

Text bubbles and texts within all created by those neon lights will be a great idea to incorporate. And then, you can opt for symbols of foods and beverages like a half peeled off banana, an ice cream cone, or a birthday cake – all created by neon tubing. Even a mug filled with beer can be a great option, provided it’s not the birthday of your kids. Thus you see, when you opt for a vintage birthday party photo booth in Melbourne, the sky’s the limit when you opt for neon lights. 

The Retro Focus Lights

These are another genre of vintage lights that will go a long way to bring back that retro look and feel to your birthday photo booth. These are simple lighting fixtures, without much technical gadgetry, which come on old fashioned tripods. They can be turned subtle with the help of old fashioned reflectors or umbrellas if you are to bring in the soft, half-toned effect of the yesteryears when the photos are being clicked. But then in order to have the fullest retro effect you need to couple up the effect of the light with fitting props and if possible, costumes and hair dresses. 

The Old Fashioned LED Bulbs and Edison Bulbs

These bulbs are spectacular options of imbibing that old fashioned style into the photo booth. You can either go for LED bulbs or for those Edison bulbs and both of them will create an equally enthralling effect. The best idea will be to make them hang from coconut ropes. That will create just the right kind of ambience, if you have them hanging right at the background, with a fitting retro looking backdrop. 

Organic Props with Lights  

And then, you can have those organic props with lights embedded, like coconut shell lamps or coconut husks with lights in, handed at the background, or fitted against the background. That will be a fantastic cheap photobooth hire concept where you can add that out of the world vintage tinge without shelling out much. 

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