Corporate Event Photobooth
Points You Should Consider Before Hiring a Corporate Photo Booth

If you are planning to host a corporate event in Melbourne and want to include a photo booth, you will need to consider a few points to avoid overspending. Besides, you can also determine the quality of the service provider by following these points. 

Let us now take a look at all of them in detail.

  • Pricing Packages

The pricing packages for the corporate event photobooth in Melbourne can vary according to the type of system you wish to include. For instance, you can include either an open photo booth or an enclosed one. Besides, the cost might vary depending on the features that you wish to add. So, before hiring, talk to the service providers regarding the packages.

  • Features Might Vary from Provider to Provider

Today’s photo booths are equipped with different features. However, those features might vary from provider to provider. So, it is desirable that before hiring, you ask the company providing the service regarding the features that you will get in the service. With that, you will also need to ask whether the addition of features depends on the packages. This will help you to save money on the photo booths.

  • Supervision

Most companies providing the photo booth service will provide supervisors to oversee the operations in the booth. But some companies exist that might not provide supervisors. This can be problematic since an issue in the booth can lead to a disruption of service if not attended. So, you should consider this point as well.

Before hiring the corporate photo booth, you will need to ask the service providers regarding supervision. If they include this with the service, you can hire them. 

  • Space for the Photo Booth

To set up the booth for the event, there should be enough space. Else, you can face problems later. So, before approaching the company that provides corporate photobooth for hire in Melbourne make sure the event location has the necessary space. But if you are not sure, you can ask the professionals providing the service to inspect your location. That way, you can avoid this type of problem during the event.

  • Duration for Hire

Some companies provide the option of hiring event photo booths for a specified duration whereas some have day-long packages. So, if you want to save costs, discuss the duration for which you will be hiring. However, if you are up for day-long packages, then you are fine anyway.

  • Theming and Props

Photo Booth Props

Some companies provide theming for corporate booths. Some corporate photobooth companies in Melbourne offer this option at extra cost. So, if you need theming, you should talk about this beforehand.

The same goes for props. Generally, all photo booth service providers provide props in their packages. However, some can offer more props or customised ones depending on packages. Therefore, you should talk about this to the service providers as well.

  • Experienced Service Provider

Experts recommend that you book the service from an experienced company providing the photo booth service. That way, there will be fewer chances of technical or other problems.

If you consider these points, you will be able to choose the right photo booth service provider for your corporate event.

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