Some Highly Innovative Ideas of Using Open Photo Booths

Photo booths have come a long way since their early days when they used to come in the form of boxes, covered by curtains and other means, and giving very little room to the users while taking photos. Now we have  those open air photobooths that give you enough room for innovations and liberty to the ‘party photoholics’ to go adventurous while having themselves clicked. On this page, we discuss some innovative ideas that will add more edge and class to the photos. 

Adding some neon lights at the backdrop

Neon lights are one of the most fascinating backdrops for the open photo booths available in Melbourne. They would add a fascinating spectre of light and shades, which add a terrific  ambience for the photos and take the mood of the subjects to an altogether new height. 

Chalkboard backdrops

If  you are planning to add an edge of innocence  to your photo, then going back to the school days is one good way, and for that opting  for the chalkboard backdrop will make all the difference. 

Multiple Frames hanging from the background

This is another striking idea offered by the photo booth hire experts in Melbourne that will take the look and feel of your photo booth to an altogether new height. Multiple frames hanging from the background might appear  somewhat jumbled, but frankly speaking, it will add a multidimensional tinge to the photos. 

Larger than Life Vintage Frames

If you are looking forward to adding a somewhat retro look and feel to your photo, a larger than life vintage frame will go a long way in doing so. When you add such a frame, coupled by some floral arrangements,  it adds a simplistic, retro effect  that makes all the difference to the photo. 

Giant Lunar Backdrop 

If you are planning to hire an open photo booth in Melbourne or anywhere else, you can opt for a giant lunar backdrop. Weddings have everything to do  with the moon – at least aesthetically, if not for anything else. Thus, going for a giant lunar background and some tailored lighting will add an out  of this world tinge to the images clicked. 

Infinity Mirrors 

This is one of the most fascinating ambiences that you can create for the open air photo booth that you have planned. These strategically installed pieces of mirrors will create an unfathomable depth to the photo. 

Popcorn Balloon Backdrop

If you are planning to add some extra edge of innocence to your photobooth, adding some colourful balloons will make all the difference. The strategically arranged popcorn balloons will take you back to your age of innocence…during the school days, where there used to be balloons everywhere on ceremonial occasions. 

Dried Fabrics at the backdrop

When it comes to adding a tinge of robustness to the abbience of your photobooths, adding some dried fabrics at the backdrops will make all the difference. And then you can add some innovative colours that will do justice to the theme of your event. 

Therefore you see, when you add these innovations to the photo booths, they take the look and feel and the celebrations at your event to a new level. 

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