Background of Wedding Photography
How to Choose Backgrounds for Wedding Photography in St Kilda?

Finding the right background is the key to capturing those special moments perfectly on the day of your wedding. There are many backgrounds that you can try out. But these tips will give you an idea of choosing the right one to make your photos impressive.

  • Choosing Simple Backgrounds

It is always safe to keep your backgrounds simple and elegant to get the best shots.So, if you are not sure about setting up the background, your need to consult your photographer in St Kilda to help you in doing so.

  • Background Blur Effect

Blurring the background will make the two of you, or the entire group of people on the photo pop out. This is called depth of field and a professional photographer will manipulate it with software or with the camera lenses to achieve the best quality photo.

In wedding photography, background blur makes the photos more unique as it highlights the intimate and personal moments. With this effect, possible distractions on the background are removed and the focus is mainly on the subjects. This makes the photos appealing as you get vivid colours and contrasts that provide a warm feel.

  • Adding a Backdrop

To achieve impeccable shots, you can add a backdrop to the wedding photography in St Kilda. For hassle-free photography, you can use a portable and coloured backdrop and that is collapsible. Make sure that the backdrop is solid coloured for achieving the desired photo effects. If you are still not sure about the colour or design that will suit best, go for a controllable photo backdrop.

With this method, you can take some headshots of the bride and groom.For best results mix this background with natural ones to make the photos diverse.

  • Adding Light Effects

Combining natural and artificial light can enhance the photos. However, they will need to be adjusted according to the background. The professional photographer will darken the background and modify the levels of lighting to add appeal to the photos.

The photographer can use natural shadows and highlights to create fantastic backgrounds to make the couple on the photo beautiful.

  • Removing the Distractions

Distractions in photos kill the mood. So, it is best to avoid backgrounds that have complex design patterns. Moreover, these designs make it more difficult to achieve the best results when using the background blur effect. The professional photographer, while clicking the photo of the bride and the groom should also make sure that there are no other subjects in the background.

  • Using Natural Backgrounds

Photographs with natural backgrounds always look beautiful. These photos are easier to manipulate with photo-editing tools. Since they are aesthetically pleasing, most professional wedding photographers recommend the wedding photo locations where there are gardens, beaches, parks, etc. So, make use of these natural backdrops to make the wedding photos look attractive.

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