Open Air Photo Booth
The Art of Posing for an Open Air Photo Booth

Photo booths have come a long way since their early days. They have gone through revolutionary transformation or evolution, in whatever way you may term that change.

More minimalist open photo booths are the trend these days. Change, as psychologists would say, is contagious. Thus, this change in look and feel of the photo booths have somehow spread into the psyche of their users today.

To put it simply, the users do not use the photo booths the way they used to, say 20 years back. Reputed companies have brought in significant changes to be in tune with the change in trend. More so, names like Lavides Global keep on innovating new photo booths that are not only trendy but real show stoppers.

In other words, the very concept of photo sessions has taken a sea change, with the change in the look and feel of these booths. This change is all the more palpable when it comes to using open-air photo booths.

In this page, we discuss a few tried and tested techniques of using open-air photo booths during photo sessions.

Paying Attention to the Details

When it comes to attending photo shoots in open-air photo booths on special occasions, say a wedding, there has to be a unique approach. People must pay special attention to the minute details of the booth. That may include the dimension, the look and feel of the booth and its overall getup.

If the getup is composed and serene, the pose needs to be composed as well. It will support the background and the ambience created by the booth.

On the other hand, if the booth has set up a jovial ambience with props and a fitting colour combination, funny poses with the blatant use of props and makeup can make sense. That will support the very purpose of setting the open photo booth in Melbourne or any other place.

Paying Heed to the Personality

It is imperative not to get swayed by the occasion and its gaiety. Mind your personality and your set of mindset. It is better not to try things which you are not good at.

Be in yourself, and justify your outfit and your makeup. This will support the moment in a more distinctive way and make all the difference.

Taking the Numbers into Consideration

The open-air booths are meant to accommodate many! In fact, that’s the purpose of using them! Hence, when posing for images, it is imperative to take the numbers into account. When sharing the booth, one has to consider the co-users and pose accordingly.

Being too much dominant may overshadow others, and getting into the background may send the individual to the hindsight, which is not the right approach. Striking the right balance is the key behind successful group photo shoot, using an open photo booth in Melbourne. That justifies the investment.

Therefore, these trivial yet crucial issues make a lot of difference when it comes to using open-air photo booths. That’s when people gain and lose. It all depends upon how you use them.

From that point of view, it is always wise to hire one from a reputed company like Lavides Global. We would always let a trained technician accompany our booths so that you can get some tips from them, though at a very rudimentary level.

These techies are, after all, supposed to deal with the technical aspects of the booth. It’s better to use your common sense and understanding to make the fullest use of these open-air photo booths. For further details, call us at 0417399273. We are available 24×7.