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6 Ways Photo Booth Can Assist Next Level Shopping – Know It How!

Competition among online retailers is increasing day by day. So, it is posing a lot of challenges for brick-mortar retailers. However, seasonal activations or augmented reality can boost product promotions as well as attract the people stating a reputation. It can put one-of-a-kind brand experience that online business can’t provide.

The instant sharability of photo booth and IRL retail experiences just got viral nowadays.

1. Shopping with Augmented Reality in Photo Booth Setup:

Nowadays, almost all of us have turned ourselves into puppies on the Snapchat. With the same concept, the AR can enhance the shopping experience. The display used in the setup help the customers to try different makeup looks without even getting their hands dirty. The app saves all the session, can send you the tried list of products by your customers. The shoppers can get sharable GIFs. Our photo booth hire in Melbourne, brings a little exposure that goes beyond the experience of shopping in the mall. The customer can also try couture clothes. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

2. Photo Booth for Seasonal Delights:

It works as a drawcard for the shoppers to visit the Christmas window display. If you check out the David Jones and Myer in Australia, you will see how they have taken a step further to celebrate the season of joy with an immersive experience. As reported, there are a number of customers who come for the photo booth, but end-up with Christmas shopping done in the last minute.

3. Long-term Photo Booth Installation:

Long-term installations can enhance the shopping experience. It becomes the community space for core customers of your brand. For example, standing a few bicycles with your products in its basket with a backdrop of a quaint french laneway is perfect for the Instagram shots.

Moreover, a photo booth for corporate event is an ideal for long-term application. You can take a corporate photo booth to the branded community venues to find potential brand partners or increase the online exposure getting connected with the brand fans.

4. Put Photo Booth In a Store:

The days of the instore photo booth has gone, in today’s digital photo booth options, you will get the option for social media sharing. Such facilities don’t take simple passport type pictures. Instead, the images with logo on photo strips can excellently promote your brand. Also, the data collected in this process can improve a long-term relationship with the retailer and customer.

5. Surprise Your Customers:

A photo booth can give your customers a positive surprise with some fun memories. Having an interactive device can incorporate pure fun with the feeling of having an interactive shopping experience.

6. Custom Props:

We create custom props that come with beautiful quotes and funny awards etc. Even sticking to the brand colour, we put the same shed in our customisation. According to data, around 10% of all visitors turned into leads who visited a shop for a photo booth. And, you can call it much more efficient than e-mail newsletter.

Our photo booth is fully integrated with social sites, where they can tag people they know or can get the benefit. They can download it on their phone, or can share it online. What more looking for? Call 0417 399 273 for booking!