Vintage Wedding Photography
Some Tips & Tricks of Vintage Wedding Photography

The style and trend of wedding photography have undergone a sea change over the ages, and they are changing always. Thus, when it comes to embarking on a particular style of wedding photography, choices are many. But what if you opt for the vintage style? Well, that’s a lucrative option and it will surely get you the finest moments of the most important day of your life frozen in frames in the most awe-striking way. 

However, for that you need to put stakes on a quality company that is home to some of the finest photographers, offering some breathtaking, yet affordable wedding photography in Melbourne or elsewhere, wherever you are located. The professionals would follow certain tips to come up with fascinating effects. 

They are Selective and Never Overdo It

When it comes to adding a retro touch to a wedding photograph, balance is the key. Not every style or genre of the photo would suit this type of treatment. Giving the retro touch to every wedding shot just for the sake of doing will make the photos look gimmicky. Thus, when it comes to making a retro-styled photo, they are always selective, and then also, they would maintain the right balance, ensuring they do not overdo and spoil the image. In fact, that’s the approach that every professional wedding photographer in St Kilda or elsewhere in and around Melbourne would take. 

Following a Certain Dictum while Recognising the Shots

When it comes to selecting the shots, they follow a certain rule. They achieve this by sheer experience. The shots they may select to add that touch might feature the bride in a 50’s frock, and the VW campers behind. The shots may feature the cupcakes as props and anything else that will enjoy extra importance with the right inherent vintage touch of the right proportion. It will add that tinge of timelessness to the image. 

Besides, the shots that are taken with a lot of warm, natural, bright light will transform well with that vintage touch. It will add a tinge of nostalgic styling, which the couples will really like. 

They take a Retrospective Approach

When it comes to altering these wedding pics, it may become pretty difficult to judge what is right and what is wrong. The reason being, choices change with time, and so when it comes to making drastic alterations to the images, they maintain the same retrospective approach, so much so that the mood of the image does not suffer a volte-face, much to your annoyance. In fact, that’s the professionalism that is expected from the professional photographers you hire for wedding photography in Melbourne or elsewhere. 

They will Keep the Originals

Last but not the least, this is something that you should expect from these professionals. The reason is the same. The choices of customers change with time. Thus, they will always keep the original version of the photos intact, so that you can change them as and when you wish. 

Thus you see, when you hire these wedding photographers in and around Melbourne, they will follow certain procedures that will ensure the best wedding photography that will suffice your aesthetic preferences. What better name can you look for, than Lavides Global? We are home to some of the best wedding photographers who will come up with some highly creative retro-styled wedding photography for your choices. For further details, call us at 0417399273.