Photo Booth Rental
What Have Made Photo Booths a Much Demanded Add-On for Events?

Even though you can click your favourite snaps direct from your Smartphone, there’s still a huge demand for high-definition photos. Both for the older and younger generations, it brings back memoirs of the event worthy to cherish for a lifetime. Another reason to have a photo booth installed at your event is the instant digital prints that it provides. There’s something special about taking home actual prints of your photos rather than scrolling them in your gallery during leisures. 

What Questions Should You Raise When Renting a Photobooth for Wedding or Birthday Party?

Given that photobooths have become a dire inclusion in today’s era, you should check out the pricing at first and bang upon the best deal. The market is flooded with plenty of photobooth for hire in Melbourne featuring unique designs and customisation options. While some are entirely automated, others come equipped with funky props and an attendant for ease of use. A few good questions you may ask the service provider include:

Photo Booth hire

  • Do they provide a digital or classic photo booth?
  • What are the props they will be providing?
  • Will they customise the props according to the theme of your event?
  • What is the per hour charge?
  • Is there any additional charge for extra hours?
  • What are the backdrops they will be providing?

Besides raising the above queries, you should also enquire about every intricate detail of the photobooth. Many people consider photo booths to be all alike, but you must ensure how the unit will look like, whether it has a curtain, whether the wrapping options will have logos or messages and so on to make your investment worthy.

What’s Trending in this World of Photobooths?

With rapid technological advancement and change in individual taste and preferences, companies offering cheap photobooth for hire in Melbourne have come up with high-quality digital photo booths to cater to the tailored needs of clients. The booths come equipped with DSLR cameras, drop-dead lightings, attractive backdrops, Instagram printer and provide endless customisation options for clicking jaw-dropping selfies. You can edit, crop, apply filters, boomerang and get instant digital prints. To add to that, you can even share your candid shots on various social media platforms instantly. 

Great Shot is Possible with a Photobooth!

With photo booths, you can add a special touch to each of your snaps and create great memoirs of an event. The best thing about photo booth pictures is that they are organic and high-definition images. Capturing priceless moments in a DSLR gives people more of an authentic real-time feel. It’s just the ‘raw and real’ thing that makes people fall for it!

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