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What to Expect From a Comprehensive Open Photo Booth Package?

The extras that you get in an open photo booth vary from provider to provider. However, if the provider is well-known in Melbourne, you can expect several things in the package. Here, we will take a look at some of them before you can invest in it. But before we delve into the additional features, you should know that some of these can vary according to your budget. 

  • Setup and Removal of the Open Air Photo Booth for Free

Most reputed providers of open photo booths in Melbourne set the booth for free.

They reach the location of the event a few hours before its starting and assemble the photo booth following the right procedures. 

They set up the backdrop, camera and storage space (if required). After that, they install the printers, lights, etc. and test them to ensure that they are working flawlessly.

  • Unlimited Photo Printing

If you are hiring an open-air photo booth from a renowned company, you will surely get the unlimited photo printing feature. Therefore, you and your guests will face no troubles in putting them in the frame. However, apart from printed photos, acclaimed service providers will also provide you with social-media ready pictures that you can instantly post and tag your friends to enhance the fun.

  • Customised Props

Customised Photo Booth Props

Generally, a good photo booth company offers customised props in their service. 

This helps your guests to make the photos look interesting. Also, they provide several props to add the fun factor to the photos. Therefore, if you wish to hire an open-air photo booth, make sure you approach a reputed provider.

  • Fancy Lights

Acclaimed providers of Melbourne open-air photo booths will include colourful lights to make the platform look interesting. Also, bright light helps to enhance the photos. However, if you want to include specific lights, you will need to inform the photo booth service providers beforehand and they will meet your needs.

  • Modern Technologies

Nowadays, with the advent of modern technologies, most reputed companies are now providing touch screen and mirror technology in open-air photo booths. 

These are easy to use and your guests can take photographs in different poses. However, the technologies used can also vary from provider to provider.

  • Affordable Packages

This is another thing that you can expect from the photo booth service providers because they want to stay at the top of the competition. Basically, you can find flexible pricing if you want to hire open-air photo booths in Melbourne from a renowned service provider. However, note that the cost can vary according to the technologies and other customisations that are included.

  • Supervisors to Oversee Your Photo Booth

Reputed service providers always include a supervisor with their photo booth service to ensure smooth operations.

These supervisors will inspect the cameras, printers, lights and other things and ensure smooth functioning. Besides, they will also ensure the safety of the devices.

Hire Photo Booths at Attractive Prices

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