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Why Are Open Photo Booths The Best Option for Christmas Parties?

Finally, there’s a Christmas vibe in the air! People are pulling up their socks to make arrangements for the celebrations. When we discuss Christmas and New Year celebrations, partying hard comes before anything else. And a photo booth is an indispensable part of Christmas and New Year parties these days. Now the question here is: is it better to opt for a box photo booth, or must you choose one of those astounding open-air photo booths? Experts would suggest vouching for open-air photo booths from a service like Lavides Global. That’s because of the umpteen privileges they come up with. Here is a quick look at them.

Premium Quality of Photo!

As the name suggests, open-air photo booths come with unfathomable provisions for backdrop creations and some highly innovative lighting arrangements. In fact, the real length of these photo booths lies in the lighting, which knows no limit. These photo booths mimic professional lighting.

Open-air photo booths may be used to simulate a professional lighting setup by adjusting the intensity according to the surroundings and the angle downward, as opposed to directly at the face. The outcome is a polished, photo-like appearance that is noticeably superior to the alternatives. With Christmas being all about colour and gaiety, an open photo booth in Melbourne.

The more, the better. When it’s Backdrop

Backdrops know no limit. Christmas parties come with all the fun and frolics that people enjoy in mass. So it is not about enjoying with ‘just’ as few, but with the entire band of party freaks to make the Merry Christmas party really THAT MERRY!

 These open-air photo booths are perfect devices that fit in with these boisterous Christmas parties. So if you are planning to host an XMas party, make sure to get the open-air photo booth with those limitless, innovative backdrops. It will truly justify your investment, making your party merrier.

Props Unlimited

Apart from lighting, props are the most adored accessories that form a complete open photo booth hire package in Melbourne. They come in various forms, sizes, and shapes, and in unlimited numbers.

In an outdoor photo booth, attendees stand instead of sitting, so there are many opportunities to decorate the area. Some ideas include dressing up, bringing in full-size cardboard cutouts, or donning masks and those Christmas accessories. You can also add your own personal touches to the event by bringing along your own unique props, since the selection is truly endless. This will give your Christmas party a shot in the arm.

They come with a consolidated setup that’s good for partying.

Typically, open-air photo booths these days are pretty complicated. Thus, as a customer, this implies that there will be little disruption to your Christmas or New Year party throughout the setup and breakdown procedures. Furthermore, the space allocated, the background spaces and the distance available, camera zooms, and the height of the booth are all variables that may be changed with open-air photo booths as per the party theme you have opted for.

So call us to book our open-air photo booth for this year’s Christmas and New Year Party from us, as we are the best party equipment rental service you can come across in Melbourne.