wedding photography trends 2020
Wedding Photography in 2020 – What to Expect?

Days change, and with days, lives change, and with life, preferences change! The trends in every aspect of life change accordingly, as well. Naturally, trends that are craze today are likely to give way for new trends tomorrow.

Take, for instance, wedding photography trends. They have come a long way since time eternal! And its journey continues! So come 2020, new trends are likely to be the hotcakes! Couples planning to tie the nuptial bond at the stroke of the new decade are expected to plan things differently!

Here is where the success of the companies offering wedding photography will depend. They are likely to change in accordance with this changing trend. Take, for instance, Lavides Global. We have the flexibility to change with this changing trend, and that is what makes us unique!

Here is a quick look at the new trends that are likely to make headlines next year, as this years slowly inches to end!

A More Informal Shoot

The days of formal, traditional weddings are slowing give way for more relaxed, informal ceremonies and this change is likely to gain momentum in the coming days. It makes the ceremony more sociable.

Hence, to match this change, wedding photography trends are likely to change as well. It’s likely to turn more candid and informal, with innovative use of light and shade, and new edge lenses. It will add some of the world tinges to the images of the couples spending some cozy moments together! Admittedly, it’s going to be a far cry from those formal wedding photo-shoots of the past!

Here is where our professional wedding photographers in Melbourne will come in handy. They are experienced and flexible enough to be in tune with these changing trends.

The Reportage or Documentary Style

Well, this new type of photography will perhaps justify the new style of relaxed wedding in a more obvious way! Frankly speaking, gone are the days when more traditional D-Day photography with those posed photos used to express a thousand words.

The new style of wedding is all about those tender, natural moments. Hence, the only way to freeze those moments is going more candid. And when you want more natural things, possibly the best approach is to go for the reportage or documentary style of photography.

It is a very relaxed and informal style of shooting even minute details like the emotional changes and those priceless reactions that define today’s wedding in a more detailed way!

Using Second Shooters

This is another trend that is likely to hit the stands! An increasing number of couples prefer a second shooter to capture their wedding moments. It will allow capturing photos of the bride and her party and the groomsmen getting ready. Couples today are more aware of the importance of wedding photography. Therefore, they look forward to capturing every moment.

First Look Images

This is another new trend of wedding photography in Melbourne that is likely to get more popular in 2020. Some brides would like their wedding cameramen to capture their parent’s first stare at them in their wedding dress, or while they walk out in white with their bridesmaid. That itself says, how candid things are these days!

And then there are other tends as well, like proposal shots and the day-after shoots!

So you see, being flexible and up to date with the latest trend are the hallmark of any wedding photography service provider. That is where we at Lavides Global make the difference.

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