Sterling Reasons Why Your Next Event Must Have a Mirror Photo Booth

FUN, PURE, & CONTAGIOUS… many refer Mirror Photo Booths as ‘MAGICAL MIRRORS’.

With no disrespect to open photo booth arrangements in the region; people are more fascinated with the concept of mirror photo booths in comparison to their traditional counterpart.

If you have a grand celebration coming up, and like many; are mulling over whether to go for a mirror photo booth arrangement or not, read the below stanzas properly.

Mirror Me Booth

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Posted by Lavides Photobooth on Saturday, September 8, 2018

If Space is at Premium; Mirror Booths Are Perfect

If your event is at some venue where space is at a premium; then going for a mirror photo booth arrangement is must-have! These booths measure approximately 2.3 m in length and 2 m in height.

So, even in that tight space; your guests will get ample space to stand and take their pictures without jeopardising their fun.

It is Suited to Everyone

Hiring a magical mirror photo booth for your big celebration is always a great option when you have people of all ages attending your party. Be it an avid party-goer, an attendant in a wheelchair or even small kids; no one will have any issues in accessibility. Not to forget the value-added features that come with these booth arrangements will definitely keep each of them occupied for a long span of time.

A Host of Pre-photo Customisation Features, Emojis & Digital Stickers

Mirror photo booth arrangements have the power to create magic. You get the option of adding virtual props, messages, captivating animations to make the entire experience even more exciting. You can opt to print as many pictures as you want using each of these features. Moreover, you get the option of retaking your pictures till you are happy with the final result prior to printing them out.

In addition to the amazing picture customisation features; a mirror photo booth hire package in Melbourne also includes fun emojis, digital stickers and more to make your pictures stunning and ready for own #Instagram story.

Scope for Unlimited Shots for Optimal Attention From the Audience

The main aim of a mirror photo booth arrangement is achieving colourful pictures, quicker photo printers, smart touch screen and more. And each of these features helps garner maximum attention, comments and likes for your pictures.

If you’re celebrating an office event, then a mirror photo booth arrangement allows you to click as many pictures as you want without hesitation. You can endorse the office event in style by posting it on the company social media page, (or your own) and attract maximum attention from the audience.

Mirror Booths Take the Fun Quotient to the Next-level

Whether it is a birthday party, a wedding or a long-awaited get-together with old friends; adding a mirror photo booth as a feature of your party arrangement will take the overall fun quotient to the next-level. Each of your guests can explore their quirky side and click whack-a-doodle pictures to tag your friends on Facebook and Instagram.

Mirror photo booths bring a wonderful combination of the novelty factor along with the scope of signing on pictures and making them a worthy memento of the event.

So, it goes without saying, a mirror photo booth has a distinctive advantage over traditional open photo booth arrangements in Melbourne.

And as your reliable photobooth provider across all of Melbourne; we offer you cost-effective mirror booth packages (and others too) to keep all your guests entertained.

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