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How to Prepare an Open Photo Booth before the Event Starts?

If the area where the event is being hosted is large, it is always best to go for an open photo booth. But before starting the event, the professionals will need to prepare the open photo booth and today we will discuss how they do so.

  • Finding the Best Spot for the Open Photo Booth

After you have hired the open photo booth in Melbourne, the professionals will need to find the best spot in the open area. 

They will need to find a location that can be easily found by the guests.

However, they will also need to make sure if the power supply output is nearby, otherwise, using extension cables to power up the photo booth can be troublesome. 

But if there aren’t any, they will have to use the extension cables anyway.

  • Adding the Backdrop

The main attraction of an open photo booth is the backdrop and the professionals will need to add it perfectly.

If the open-air photo booth is large enough, adding the backdrop might become time-taking because along with the backdrop, the professionals will need to attach other decorative items such as balloons, ribbons, fabric, flowers, etc.

So, if you have hired the service from a reputed company, you can expect the professionals to come a few hours before the starting of the event to set all of these up.

Open Photo Booth Melbourne

  • Placing the Props

Since it is an open air photo booth, the props will be placed around the photo booth. And if it is a party photo booth, the professionals providing the party photo booth hire in Melbourne will need to arrive early to count the props and place them in and around the open photo booth.

Some of these props include the photo frame and the other types of props that are mostly made with cardboards.

  • Checking the Cameras and Other Equipment

Before the starting of the event, the professionals will check if the camera and the other equipment in the open photo booth is working properly because guests will expect to get their photos clicked without facing problems.

Additionally, during the peak hours the cameras, the additional lights, etc. has to work flawlessly. Otherwise, the photo booth part of the event might turn out to be a failure.

  • Adjusting the Size

Depending on the number of guests, the professionals providing the affordable open air photo booth hire in Melbourne will need to adjust the size of the photo booth. 

Since it is an open air photo booth, the guests will expect to get their photos snapped by standing before the backdrop. But if the backdrop or the stage (if any) is smaller, they might not be able to do that.

  • Inclusion of Extra Props

Your guests on the event will expect to get their photos clicked along with the props. But if there are only a few props near or around the booth, they might have to wait or might get disappointed.

So, the professionals setting up the booth will need to arrive a bit early and place some extra props depending on the number of guests.

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