Photobooth Hiring for Corporate Events
How to Set up a Corporate Photo Booth For your Event?

Hiring photo booths is a tricky affair. If you think that by merely hiring a photo booth from a reputed company you can turn your event into a grand success, it’s time to take a fresh guard. Getting the right photo booth for the right event is, of course, important, but that’s not all! You must have a rock-solid plan that will help you set the booth up and make the most of it. 

Here is where hiring a photo booth from a reputed company makes the difference. Take, for instance, Lavides Global. When you hire a corporate event photobooth in Melbourne from us, our experts would also help you up with a feasible plan that will help you make the most out of it. 

The Genre of Event 

This is the first and foremost consideration that should come into play, There may be a number of reasons behind hosting a corporate event. You can host to launch a new product and service, on the occasion of the opening of a new business unit, or for holding the annual rewards and recognition ceremony, Now each of these events would vary from the other in terms of mood,  getup and the events. You need to consider these factors while setting up the booth. Remember, your sole objective of hiring a photo booth in a corporate event is to attract as much footfall as you can. You need to take the purpose of the event into account, as that will determine the number of guests, activities in the event and the outcome you are expecting from the event. 

The Venue of the Event and Its Getup 

The venue that you have decided for the event will also come into play while setting up the booth. You must ensure the spot where you set up the booth is sufficiently spacious and is not far from the centre stage of the event, where you have planned all the activities. Thus, while you do the planning, you must take into account the setup of the venue.  

The Number of Invitees 

You must take into account the number of invitees when you plan setting up your corporate event photo booth. Once you take into account the number of invitees at your event, it becomes easier to set the booth up at a place that can accommodate them without any hustle and bustle. 

The Objective of the Event 

Well, the logic behind this point is loosely connected to the first point of this write-up. Depending upon the type of event you are hosting, the very objective of the event varies. In other words, the objective of an R&R event cannot be similar to that of the party that is hosted to launch a product or service. Thus, you need to ensure that you set up the booth properly, with fitting value additions, which will serve the purpose of the event to the fullest.  

Therefore you see, even if you hire a cheap photo booth in Melbourne for your corporate event, you need to take into account, all these factors to make the event a grand success. One of the leading advantages of hiring a corporate event photo booth from Lavides Global is that we take all these aspects into consideration, while assisting our clients. For further details, call us at 0417399273