Black and White Photography
The Best Black And White Wedding Photography Backdrops that Make the Difference

Wedding photography has been there since ages. It’s not news anymore. Rather, we would say that wedding ceremonies without any photography ought to be news these days. If you are to believe us, over the last few years, of all the photo sessions we have worked in, a substantial amount has been for weddings. And who are we? We are Lavides Global – one of the most celebrated names when it comes to photography for weddings. And of late, we have been getting assignments for black and white wedding photography.  Yes! It has been the latest sensation and we are one of the best names that will come up with these specialised wedding photography  in Melbourne.

The White Screen 

It’s the basic you can go for. White symbolizes purity and in wedding purity reigns. As milk-white spotless backdrop will create a more than fascinating setting for some black and white wedding photos, featuring the bride in her white bridal dress and the groom in his  zed black bridal suit. This stark contrast of black and white, supported by the whiteness of the backdrop and the right balance of light and shade of the monochrome photo with the right exposure will create a fascinating magic that no one can ignore!

The Floral Backdrop 

Here is one typifying wedding backdrop for black and white photos. Since it’s not a coloured photo session, the backdrop does not have to be that illustrative. Our photographers snapping black and white wedding photography would rather appreciate the background with black and white floral patterns. Now when it comes to choosing these floral patterns sky’s the limit. They can be cylindrical, circular, in the form of multiple floral chains dropping from one focal point parallel to each other, a circular pattern – with petal arms converging from various angles into one focal point…the list is endless. You can go for many. Whatever you opt for, they must be in high contrast between black and white, with no grey areas in between. They will support the brides and the groom more if both of them are in pure white!

The Striped One 

This variety is appropriate for the couples who are in white as well as in other coloured wedding suits and gowns. Brides in satin gowns that are off white and come with floral laces all over will look brighter with a background predominantly in white and black stripes. The combination will support each other with none overwhelming the other. And with the right arrangement of light, which is on the softer side the entire ambience will take a subtle form, justifying the occasion and its mood to the fullest.

A Funky Background 

If you like to deviate from that subtle, smooth, archetypical look and feel of the wedding photos and add something funky and boisterous within the premise of monochrome photos then you can go for a ‘cartoonisque’ background that is tightly stuffed with funny line sketches of characters with funny props. It will add some fun and frolics, adding an element of light-heartedness and fun, more reminiscent of fun parties. It’s a cool idea of merging the mood of a wedding party with a fun party – something will catch the attention of the guest quickly.

Hence you see, when you hire Lavides Global, you get the best concepts of wedding photography in Melbourne from our experts – something that will add a new dimension to your wedding party. For further details, call us at 0417399273. We are available 24×7.

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