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Some Innovative Party Photo Booth Ideas That Keep Your Costs Down

When it comes to hiring a party photo booth, the budget stands out to be as important as the quality. Hence, you need to have your balancing act perfect. You need to maintain quality and at the same time, ensure that the budget is controlled. That is the reason, if and when you hire a party photo booth in Melbourne you must put your faith in a reputed company that is competent and experienced enough to ensure that right balance. Here is where we at Lavides Global make all the difference.

Here on this page, we discuss some sure shot ways to be innovative and keep the costs under control at the same time.


The lighting arrangement that is set up can make or break the ambience. Hence, when you set up the photo booth, the first step will be to make sure you call it right, with adequate light, shining from the top or from behind the camera. This will not be much expensive. The only thing is that you need to ensure that the angle and the illumination are correct. Just a bit of innovation will serve your purpose without having to spend too much. If it’s an outdoor party, you need to pick up a place where the background will face the sun during the day. If it’s indoor, pick up an airy room, or one with too many windows so there’s enough natural light. This will save you from hiring artificial lighting – surely, a cost saver! Worry not! When you hire us, we will come up with an idea that will indulge in savings and make things innovative at the same time.


Next, you need to designate a quality camera for the booth. Now, this is the responsibility of the photo booth hire company in Melbourne that you have put stakes on. Again, when it’s us, we will come up with the best camera with the best available person to man it.  Well, a regular point-n-shoot camera will be fine, but in case you are looking forward to using one of those photo booths app (which are sure you will be looking forward to – for you would like your guests to have the provision of uploading the clicks on the social media) then you opt for those high tech smartphone cameras. Fret not! They are not that expensive and this will not surpass your budget! However, make sure that the camera is equipped with a timer-shutter release feature, or else you can use an intervalometer, which is a shutter-releasing device, which hooks up the camera and would help you with provisions of taking photos from anywhere else, apart from right behind the lens. So these are some extremely innovative and at the same time, cost-effective features that will make all the difference in the quality of the photos clicked.


But for quality props, a photo booth experience is never complete. Hence, this is another area you will have to innovate, but minding your budget. Here again, the photo booth company your hire will come into play, with some easy-going-yet-innovative props that will grab the imagination of your guests in a jiffy. And the ideas can be anything – from funny and funky to more boisterous and colourful! Remember, it’s all about innovation and you do not have to spend much to use your creative acumen. What you need is a bunch of experts, what we have at our disposal, aplenty.  Hence, call Lavides Global now at 0417399273 to make your innovative ideas turn into reality.

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