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The Psychology behind the Popularity of Mirror Photo Booths

Mirror photo booths have been a sensation ever since they took to the stands! Ever since they surfaced up, they have taken the market by storm and more and more people now prefer to hire these booths, rather than the other types of booths for a number of reasons. These booths come up with a string of state of the art value additions and they make all the difference in the way people can celebrate an occasion.

But that is one aspect of the chapter. We at Lavides Global meet a number of customers in Melbourne who hire mirror booths not just for these technical edges. To them, the psychological aspect of these booths is more important than the technical aspect – something that cannot be written off either!

Seeing Yourself While Clicking

As the name suggests, these photo booths come up with mirrors and are designed in such a way that as people get clicked, they can actually ‘see’ them! This makes all the difference. As per the common human psychology, people suffer from a sense of self-obsession – either actively or passively. It is a common nature of human beings. Even those who do not show off this self-obsession would like to see themselves being clicked to ensure that they ‘appear satisfactorily’ on the screen of social media when they upload their photos. This is where these mirror photo booths make all the difference.

Mirror Photo Booth

The ‘Mirror on the Wall’ Effect

Again, this is the good old habit of people seeing themselves in the mirror. Since this household habit of looking at self in the mirrors somehow fulfills in this type of photo booth that makes people a bit tilted towards this variety, in one way or the other. Plus, the fact that these booths come with strings of high tech value additions that fan those feelings further.

The High Tech Edge

Yes, this is a very important point that needs to be discussed in this aspect. These ultra-modern mirror photo booths available in Dandenong or any other place in and around Melbourne come up with a number of value additions. The majority of these booths come up with interactive touch screen technology, thus adding more fun and frolics to the photo sessions. How can the users, who are the pursuit of joy, ignore these value additions? What do they do? They do a lot of things! From telling you about the weather to informing you about your stocks, you can have these mirrors programmed in whatever way you like. Thus, when these booths are used, it always lends the feeling of being in respective comfort zones to people. And that makes a real impact on their psychology.

The Animations

The animations also have a role to play in the popularity of these mirrors. These mirrors can also play prerecorded wish messages and animation to add an altogether new tinge to the fun quotient. They are designed to add a new mood – of fun and horror, humour or anger, or whatever that the users like. All the users need to do is to select a program that the booth will play by default.

Thus you see, with so many fun factors in place, these mirror booths always give a psychological boost to the users. It is a reason enough why more and more people are calling us to inquire about mirror photo booths. If you want to do the same, call  Lavides Global at 0417399273.

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