birthday photo booth hire
Happy B’Day MOM! A Special Message on Her Big Day With an Open Photo Booth!

“Time to tell you the truth, Mother. You don’t make the best cookies or raspberry pie in the world…

But you do give the best hugs, head scratches and untold devotion during my illness. I know I haven’t been the best kid you wished me to be. But in my eyes; you are the bravest, wonderful and loving woman that I have had the pleasure to grow up with.

Despite your undying attention towards me (and everyone in the family) you’ve never complained. And watching you over the years, you have aged with grace – but your commitment towards each and every one of us is a lesson we all can learn and embrace with vigour and dignity.

Happy birthday Mom and I promise that the Sunday roast prepared in your honour isn’t bad either! LOTS OF LOVE, MUM…!”

birthday photo booth hire

Is That All-Important Day Approaching Fast?

If yes, then you should do everything in your power to make your mother’s birthday – the best one yet! One spectacular idea that you can employ is booking an open photo booth arrangement to make her laugh, speak out jovially in enthusiasm and let her have a whale of a time with everyone she loves!

Lavides Global – your reliable open photo booth hire service provider in Melbourne offers you a complete set-up to sparkle your mom’s special day. Our arrangement will offer you a unique way of personalising all photos (with hilarious props and additions) to boost up the event’s fun-n-frolics.

The best part of this is that after your mother had her fun fiasco – she can send each of her pictures straight to her Instagram, Email, Facebook account directly without fuss.

Letting Your MOM Have Fun & Explore Her LOONY Side!

Everyday you see your your mom struggle with her office work and family issues. And even though she doesn’t show it; you know that she is stressed out and needs a breather.

With a quality open photo booth arrangement, and summoning all her close friends, work colleagues and acquaintances- she can be herself and pose with those wide ranges of props for fun!

You can even take help of all your siblings to prepare a feast (like she does on all those Sundays) as a token to show her your appreciation. And once the dishes are prepared; you can make the photos more dramatic with everyone posing together in a chef’s apron (with those dishes pointed towards the camera) while your mom puts on a big moustache and oversized specs.

You can even request dad to share his love with a lovely birthday speech and then with her strike the perfect romantic couple (kiss on her forehead, kiss on her cheeks, or even a soft-gentle kiss with eyes wide open).

To make the poses more interesting, mom can put on a big party hat (being the b-day woman and all) while dad poses with an over-sized bow tie behind the floral or glitzy golden backdrop.

Lastly; you can even request our diligent and patient open photo booth operator serving Melbourne to cram everyone inside and lens lock everyone in their craziest poses yet!

The Best Way To Create Memories With MOMMY!

Being a reliable photo booth provider in the region; we offer you free set-up and removal along with unlimited prints to take away. And the best part is that our arrangements are cost-effective and strictly in adherence to the industry standards.

So, want to give MUM the most emotion-charged and entertaining birthday party yet, call us at 0417399273. We will handle the rest!