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Top 8 Bridal Photography Techniques That Professionals Practice Nowadays

With artistic freedom and inspirations around them, wedding photographers work on specific styles for intended shots. So, in this content, we will be introducing you to 8 different wedding photography styles to capture different phases right from when the countdown begins.

Traditional Approach:

Traditional Photography

It includes the traditional shots, where you will get classic and simple poses together. It could be capturing the shots of cake cutting, first kiss, wine tasting, or posing in front of the wedding car. Though a lot of photographers are practising this style for ages, we work in this too and deliver the key shots to the couples. Our wedding photographers in St Kilda involve in guiding and directing couples and guests for posing and capturing the real and unguarded moments.

Photo-journalistic Style:

It is another style professional photographers follow. Making a blend with traditional wedding photography, this style resembles the documentary shooting. With an informal approach, the shooting style tells a story of the day. Our photographers are skilled in quickly aiming, camera setting adjustment, framing, shooting and capturing the candid moments. We ensure the real and natural images will evoke the flood of emotions.

Illustrative Photo Capturing:

This style is mostly recommended for pre-wedding photoshoot sessions. This photography style cleverly works on the composition, background and lighting. We ask the couple to pose candidly. You can call it an interesting blend of photo-journalistic and traditional wedding photography. Our skilled photographers use wide-angle lenses and sometimes aerial photography to capture illustrative images.

Portrait Wedding Photography:

Whether you know or not, most portraiture yields beautiful images. Be it a posing couple or blushing bride- we capture the essence of the moment. This style is also called as formal wedding photography.

Natural Shots:

This style captures photos in natural light instead of using artificial light sources. So, if you have an outdoor wedding after sunrise, we choose this style as an apt one. However, you must ensure that the sun is not too harsh to avoid unwanted shadows on the face of the subject. A bright lens with an aperture allows more light for well-exposed images.

The Monochrome:

Monochrome Photography

Black and white wedding photography is a good way to capture timeless and classic images. Some clients prefer coloured images, whereas some prefer to enhance the mood of their photos with the black and white version.

Vintage Wedding Photography:

Due to the popularity of vintage photo filters, this style is in demand for a number of couples. It can evoke the feelings of nostalgia that seems appealing to people. This kind of picture processing uses the colour distortion filters and effectively turns mundane images into the artistic one. 

Photography That Presents Fine Art:

Getting mixed with other styles of photography, the style involves creative framing, composition, lighting and post-production techniques. Photographers working on this style always anticipate the moments to capture the unique images. There is no real posing involved, and the photographers can change the posture of the subject and place some items like outfits, bouquets and rings.

Couples know wedding photos are one of the most important parts of the wedding day. These are the memories to cherish forever when you look back. So, hiring our professional wedding photography in Melbourne will be worth the investment. Call us on 0417 399 273 for booking.


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