Wedding Photography Styles
Top Wedding Photography Styles 2020 – An Overview

With time, everything changes! Every year sees new things introduced in every aspect of life. The same goes for photography.

Every new year, the world of photography takes new turns and twists, with new concepts and styles being incorporated. More so, when it comes to dealing with wedding photography, this change is all the more palpable, much due to the scope of improvisation.

Indeed, the turn of the year 2020 has seen the introduction of new concepts that will leave the would-be couples more than elated. In one earlier blog, we had discussed what to expect as 2020 wedding photography trends. There we had discussed a few wedding photography concepts. On this page, we are going to discuss a few new more, which are likely to engross those who are planning to get into wedlock this year!!!

Here is a sneak peek into the realm of wedding photography styles in 2020 that are all set to hit the headlines.

Wedding Photography

Alternative Shots

Rather than opting for the traditional group, reception, ceremony or party shots, an increasing number of couples are tilting towards adding some personal touches to their wedding photos.

While some would like to use outfits and props, some others would turn to photo  booths for some out of the box wedding photography.

Drone Shots

Surely, this can be explained as the introduction of technology in the realm of a social occasion as pious and pure as a wedding!! Surely, ‘tis not a bad change..certainly not!! On the contrary, it’s an innovation induction, which has taken the concept of clicking wedding photos to an altogether new level!!

As high tech drones are going beyond the realm of military & security service, and becoming more and more accessible to ordinary civilian life, they have opened an altogether new era of possibilities in the world of photography.

These sophisticated high tech devices are being used by professional photographers to take aerial shots of the wedding, and capture the nicest moments of one’s life from a bird’s eye view! Fascinating…isn’t it?

Non-Wedding Day Stills

While wedding photos are all about the razzmatazz and neatly dressed up couples, their respective families and the guests at the ceremony, many of these lovebirds would like to add some difference by adding some ordinary stills from the non wedding days. Surely, the images of bride and the groom in ordinary attires will make a world of visual difference!!!

Proposal Photography

It all started with the proposal!! How about adding that adorable moment in the wedding photo album? Well, technically speaking, not many men would propose ‘their woman’ on camera!! None would do so, to be exact!

However, there’s no harm in emulating that tense, yet cosy, tender moment while shooting wedding photos!! So, here comes the concept of proposal photography, which completes the story that has brought the two souls together. The astounding locations and the use of light and shade by the professionals make these clicks so very special!

Wedding Photos with Buddies

Photos with Buddies

Gone are the days when the bride and groom will be clicked with no one around. Perhaps it was driven by the concept that said, the presence of a third person on a wedding photo is unwelcome.


Getting clicked with the best buddies adds a difference, which always adds some weight to wedding photos. However, the photo has to be perfect. The tone along with the light and the shade have to be seamless, and the attire of the bride or groom has to be awe-inspiring. One expects this photo to be a substantial hit.

Backlit Photos

In photography, light always plays a pivotal role in showcasing the subjects. More so, when we speak of wedding photography, light is one property that determines the mood of the click. These days, backlit wedding photography has become the first choice of the couples, which offers a rather reverie look. It gives a feeling of drifting to the past, with a sort of time lapse effect, much due to the lack of light in the foreground and too much of light at the background.

Blurred Wedding Images

A Few Blurred Images

There’s nothing wrong in adding a few blurred photos, with just a few aspects visible. The pendant of the groom, just the faces of the bride and the groom in a liplock after their marriage vow, the black or red wedding car with a blurred vision of the bride and the  groom in far distance will form a terrific effect that will make the purpose of the click all the more successful.

So you see, the list is endless, when it comes to discussing wedding photography concepts that will reign supreme in 2020. You can only go out of the box when you have an expert and seasoned photographer from a company that is famous for innovations while providing wedding photography service in and around Melbourne. What better name can you opt for, than Lavides Global? For further details, please call us at 0417399273.